A Comparison Of The Characters Of Hamlet And Laertes From Acts I to IV

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It is important to state that Hamlet and Laertes’ characters are typified by similarities and difference. One of the differences is evident in the confidence, whereby Laertes is more confident in taking action. The actor is quick to avenge while Hamlet is recognized for sitting down and being bothered about what he should do instead of doing what he thinks is right. The ability to deceive is another area in which a distinction can be drawn.

Laertes wants to go to France, and he does not want to impede pestering his father until he gets his way. He understood what he wanted, and he was determined to get it. On the other hand, Hamlet does not wish to be at any place apart from being in the court. He wants to return to school and does not wish to be in such close neighborhoods with his mother and his uncle. In fact, Hamlet does not cheat, and he buckles and stays with his parents because they inform him to do so.

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The difference above does not imply that the two were completely different regarding their characters. The characters are similar in some ways. Both of them are quick to anger. This is explicit where they directed their fury at Claudius. For example, when they learned of their fathers’ deaths, they rushed into making the decision for revenging. Moreover, Hamlet and Laertes experience a change in conscience. For instance, Laertes began to have pangs of conscience concerning Hamlet when he discovers that Claudius has abused him to be rid of Hamlet the Prince.

Hamlet conscience is found where he makes the decision to act his capacity as the Prince of Denmark and protect his father’s reputation. Nevertheless, the Hamlet and Laertes react in similar ways to issues. This is clear in their reaction to Ophelia’s funeral where the two jumped into her grave as they declared their affection for Ophelia. Therefore, it is right to state that the two have similarities as well as differences in their characters.

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