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Everybody has experienced it one or more times in life; be it for a person, a non-living object, or a pet. The feeling of love is experienced by different people in different intensities; it may devour the whole being or may involve just a little crush. Some people search for it in their entire lifetime, while others seem to fall in and out of love on a regular basis. Although love can be experienced among many objects, only the love between people that is too unique and extraordinary. This paper attempts to define love by looking at all the dimensions of love that help to give its extended definition.

Love may be difficult to define because it is experienced differently by different people. What one person defines as love may appear as infatuation to another person. It is also difficult to define when one is in love based on the difference between romantic love and friendship love. In order to understand and have a proper definition of love, it is important to understand the two types of love: romantic and friendship love.

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Romantic love is defined based on its difference from friendship love. It is the things that romantic partners do that friendship partners do not do that help to define and differentiate the former from the latter. For instance, would people in friendship love kiss one another? Kissing is a romantic aspect that helps to categorize romantic love and differentiate it from the friendship love. Romantic love is also often confused with infatuation because of its all-consuming aspect. Romantic lovers make decisions based on the situation of the partner. For instance, one may consider not taking a job in a different geographical location if the romantic partner is not in a position to move to the new region. People make significant life decisions based on their passionate lovers because they cannot imagine life without them. Romantic love seems to guide the person’s mind and may blind him or her on making the right decision. In other words, romantic love is selfless.

Romantic love is comparable with drugs and other substances that take all the senses of the consumer. It is like drunkenness and makes some people entirely dependent on their romantic lovers for everything to do with their sole existence on earth. Many people seek to have romantic love with only one person while the love between friends is shared by many people. This makes romantic love to have a specified and individualized outlook that tends to focus on an individual and not a group.

Friendship is a milder form of love because it does not consume every waking moment of the individual. However, friendship love often turns into romantic love, especially between friends of the opposite sex. The love of romance between friends leads to the death of friendship love. In other words, friends who end up to become romantic lovers would not get back to being just friends. Romantic love is so emotional and overpowering. It entails feelings of affection, care, concern, and goodwill for the other partner. Among all other feelings, love may be the strongest because it is through it that people can exist in peace on earth and help one another in times of need.

Love is the strongest feeling that people develop towards other people, pets, or non-living objects. Although there are many types of love, romantic love is the strongest because it virtually overpowers the individual. Romantic lovers live close to one another and express their emotional feelings in different ways different from lovers who are just friends. Love is mutually beneficial, caring, and entails willingness for the other party.

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