Blood and Steel: Industrial Revolution in Britain

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Blood and Steel – Engineering an Empire is a program that analyzes and explains the way Britain used technology, innovation, and vision to become one powerful nation. The foundation of the British Empire was built on ego, bloodshed and a powerful drive for conquest. The young British Empire under the reign of King Henry adopted the revolutionary naval design and weapons enabling it conquer the seas and expand its territory and influence around the globe. King Henry was the first to turn ships to deadly weapons. He put heavy guns on ships. The British Empire first came to be after their conquest on the Roman Empire in 410 A.D. The fall of the Roman Empire left one big political and military void consequently allowing the rise the British influence.

By the 19th century, Britain had become one industrial nation. Britain’s success came during their period of invention. The British Empire constructed massive symbols of dominance, some of them evoke awe up to this day. They made advances in steam engines and invented the world’s first locomotive. The locomotive helped them to create a more connected mainland. Railroads were built across Britain.

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In October 1834, fire destroyed the palace of Westminster Palace. Following the fire incident British architects designed and built the Big Ben a new government building for parliament. In 1837, Victoria took reign of the British Empire. Under her tenure, she pushed for greatness in technological advancement. The technological advancement triggered a boom in the manufacturing sector. Within a very short period, people started flocking the City in search of Job opportunities. Productivity rose and so did the London population. At this point sanitation problems started in association with other epidemics such as cholera leading to the innovative sewer system.

In the 19th Century, London was faced with overpopulation problems. Traffic became the order of the day. The city surely needed a river crossing leading to the construction of the drawbridge one of the most sophisticated of all time.

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