Canada’s Toxic Chemical Valley

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Although Canada is a country that has many pristine areas, one of its regions is called a real toxic chemical valley. This place is located near Sarnia city between Ontario and Michigan. The scientists are convinced that the area is at risk since 62 industrial facilities are concentrated there, making this location a real “pollution hotspot” (MacDonald and Rang 6). The set of factories and plants creates a devastating blow to the environment since the emissions from the industrial facilities are highly toxic.

For example, toluene, mercury, dioxins, and furans are just several of dozens of toxic elements that pollute the air around the city of Sarnia. In this case, it is evident that a lot of volatile organic compounds and other dangerous pollutants create a highly unfavorable context for the residents of the area who face multiple health risks, inhaling the air that contains poisonous elements.

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The spills of the chemicals can result in impaired health conditions such as “asthma, reproductive effects, learning disabilities and cancer” (MacDonald and Rang 8). Accordingly, it is clear that the toxic chemical valley needs to be placed in the focus of government and organizations that have to regulate the dangerous impact of industries.

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