Cell Biology and Anatomy

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It is an interesting fact to keenly observe in our day to day lives, be it in our offices, homes or simply out in the nature parks how women easily get attracted to men with nicely scented colognes as opposed to the ordinary smelling ones or foul smelling ones. According to my observation women tend to “turn heads” when a man with a nicely scented passes along as opposed to ordinary ones, foul or sweaty smelling ones are a disgust to the ladies.

If alady is seated in a park, three random men are to approach the lady each at a close proximity as they pass by; one guy is dressed in nice cologne, the second guy is not dressed in any cologne but has an ordinary body smell, the third guy is drenched in foul smelling sweat. The lady will likely show “likable” traits or behavior towards the nicely scented guy. The latter guy gets a rather normal attention and the foul smelling guy gets the least attention from the lady.

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There are three parts of prediction in the hypothesis-;
Experiment one: observe how the lady reacts to the nicely scented guy
Experiment two: observe how the lady reacts to the normal scented guy
Experiment three: observe how the lady reacts to the foul scented guy

Detailing a controlled experiment
The experiment was carried out in an open space in a nearby nature park where there is free flow of neutral smelling air. The chosen lady smartly dressed was seated in the bench and asked to observe the three different men that would pass by her in regards to their scent and notice which men she would go out with other than the physical traits that attract ladies to men.

Experiment one: the nicely scented guy did the first pass by. The lady’s observed that she would gladly go out with the first guy; she confirmed that the nice scent or cologne attracted her to the first guy.

Experiment two: the ordinary or rather neutral guy did the second pass. The lady observed that she would not mind going out with the second guy, confirming that she wasn’t offended by the guy’s natural scent.

Experiment three: the foul, sweat drenched guy did the last pass by. The lady observed that she would not go out with the third guy showing disgust that he did not take care of his hygiene which is a turn off to most ladies. She confirmed she would not go out with the foul (sweat drenched) smelling guy.

To act as a controller to the experiment three different sets of experiments each consisting of a lady and the same characteristic men was carried out giving the same results hence terming the experiment a complete success.

It is therefore true to note the fact that women in general are attracted to nice smelling men as opposed to foul smelling ones, not minding the ordinary or common smelling ones. Reasons given by most ladies is that men dressed in nice scented colognes and the ordinary smelling ones take good care of their hygiene and hence are more attractive because it is believed that men who are good with their own personal hygiene know how to treat ladies better (just a food for thought). Foul smelling ones are very disgusting to be with, the ladies attested showing total neglect to their hygiene status thus a very unattractive trait in men. The ladies suggested that the foul smelling ones take advantage of colognes to enhance their scent status to avoid being a turn off.

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