Climate Change over Qatar

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The weather in Qatar has always been hot and very sunny, and rain falls very rarely. Summers are extremely hot as temperatures rise to over 40 degrees Celsius regularly. During the winter period, temperatures during the day are slightly cool but drop significantly at night. November to March is the best time to visit as it is humid especially along the coast. July to September is the hottest with very low humidity ((Alexandridis & Zapranis, 2013).

The preparation of the world cup that will be held in 2022 has had a major impact on the climate of Qatar. Qatar has created a Green Building Council that is aimed at turning the hospitality industry into green buildings (Alexandridis & Zapranis, 2013). The initiative is aimed at reducing carbon-dioxide emissions from the hospitality industry and also utilizing the waste without harming the environment.

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When the weather pattern is compared across different stations in Qatar, it is clear that the temperature varies from 14degrees Celsius to 41degrees Celsius, and it rarely goes above 44 degrees Celsius. The warm period is between 10th May and 26th September. July 6th is the hottest day while the coldest day is January 22 (Fromherz, 2012). The length of the sun also changes significantly. The wind speed varies from 1m/s to 8m/s and it rarely exceeds 12m/s.

Many solutions to climate change have been proposed which include: conservation of energy to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions, use of renewable sources of energy from solar, wind, and biofuels and trapping carbon-dioxide before it is exposed to the atmosphere (Rowe, 2011).

The climate of Qatar will be expected to be hot desert climate or subtropical dry. Very high temperatures and low rainfall are expected with significant differences between the minimum and maximum temperatures (Luomi, 2014). The summer is also expected to be hot with temperatures easily hitting the 40 degrees Celsius mark. The winter is expected to be cooler, spring and autumn dry, warm and pleasant with temperatures of 25 degrees Celsius and very cool nights.

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