Clinical Significance of Cross-Cultural Competencies

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Every social worker should maintain positive character traits to enhance the practice of Clinical Significance of Cross-Cultural Competencies (CCC) in the field.

The foremost character trait that is nested within an individual after reading Enjung Lee article is compassion. The fact remains that; culture is diverse. Thus, there are a lot of differences since one will be meeting people with different beliefs and practice (Kettner at.al 1996). The difference may occur in; language, gestures or personal space and touching. Being a social worker, one should have compassion towards the people you are serving or else end up doing an incompetent job.

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Self-control is also a character that one nests from Enjung Lee. As stated above, cultures are diverse thus people have different practices. Often, one might find other cultural practices about one’s field as lunatic and misguided. However, to conduct yourself professionally and avoid personal attributes towards the cultural practices, one should maintain self-control (Royse at.al 2015). Moreover, one can be annoyed by people but with restraint, one keeps calm and does a competent job.

As a social worker, there are several things that one should do to ensure that one’s approaches to other people’s culture serve as a dynamic process. First, one should accept the person that one is attending to and accept the people beliefs. Though the beliefs might seem different, taking the people believes a way to enhance the dynamic process and also avoid conflict. Besides, one should be considerate bearing the fact that some beliefs are challenging to bear (Royse at.al 2015).

Also, being neutral is a way to enhance dynamic process according to your views and approaches CCC. Rather than lying on one side and believing it’s the right choice and approach to CCC, one should be neutral to prevent static outcome thus promote the dynamic process.

The Positive Mental Health (PMH) instrument is meant to assess the positive mental health of people. The steps for validating the PMH as suitable for a specific involve the understanding of the ethnic group beliefs on equipment (Cornelius at.al 2004). The understanding includes how the equipment affects the group spiritually, the group’s interpersonal skills and the individual growth.

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