Commercials: Dove and Geico

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There are many different aspects that combine together to create a successful advertising campaign, as may be seen in the Geico “Hump Day” commercial and the Dove “Real Beauty Sketches” commercial. Looking first to the Geico commercial, it is possible to see why the advertising campaign made such an impression on the overall populace, turning it into one of the most successful campaigns of 2013.

In this particular commercial, the brand took a basic animal, a clear catch phrase, and a simple explanation all designed around the purposes of making the advertisement memorable and causing the brand to stick in the minds of the viewing public; Caleb the camel, gleefully proclaiming that it was “hump day” was used to describe the benefits of switching to Geico, citing that individuals were “happier than a camel on Wednesday,” playing off of the euphemism of hump day for Wednesday (Geico “Hump Day,” 2013).

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Utilizing a different sense of visual appeal, Dove created a unique combination in the pairing of everyday women with an FBI sketch artist, asking them to describe themselves as they saw themselves and asking them to describe themselves as others saw them; in pairing the two completed images side by side, Dove utilized the simple tagline “You are more beautiful than you think,” working to make beauty synonymous with how the women saw themselves, and creating the association in their mind of the concept of beauty in relation to Dove (Dove “Real Beauty Sketches,” 2013).

Both advertisements were able to take the simple, the common, the everyday, and work to pair them in the minds of viewers across the U.S. with the brand names of the corporations presenting the advertisements; in so doing they were able to become some of the most successful commercials of 2013, providing inspiration to all, and offering direction as to the best means of brand association in the human psyche.

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