Community Volunteer Opportunity Profile

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Volunteering as a social process can be understood in many ways. Many people volunteer as activists as others volunteer to empower others. One of the commonest ways of volunteering as a community process is by participating in community activities like occupy movements which are international movements that are, specifically, protests against social, economic or other political inequalities (Warburton & Oppenheimer, 2000). The commonest issue that instigates such movements is usually the issues of inequality that exist in various nations and institutions. The essay prepares a community profile volunteering opportunities in Vancouver, British Columbia. There are many volunteering opportunities one can undertake in the city of Vancouver. The essay will explore some of the opportunities and the target audience.

Vancouver urban ministries from http://www.myvum.ca
The objective of the organization is to bring wholeness and hope to many families and children who are underprivileged to assist them gain their full potential and contribute to the community. It is a Christian based ministry. There is a youth program where youths can volunteer and make the community a better place (Christian volunteering, 2013). They believe that a person who is a volunteer has the right of r the benefit of understanding all the information about the role of the project in the volunteerism. As well, one is entitled with a chance and benefit to feel valued for making a significant commitment in the choice made. The volunteers’ do offer most of their resourceful time to deal with a particular challenge that is affecting the society in general.

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The Alzheimer society of BC
The organization is dedicated to helping people who are faced with dementia to help them have the confidence and the skills to live and maintain a good life. The organization provides volunteer opportunities for health and psychology students to practice their skills. There are education workshops for the Alzheimer’s disease. People interested in making differences in lives of people are invited to join the volunteering team. People with criminal histories are not permitted to join, and volunteers are required to commit a minimum of one year. They should have listening skills, high comfort level in group facilitating, an understanding about healthcare and be willing to learn more (Canadian universities, 2013). In their volunteerism, there is the benefit of exercising the volunteer role, as one can engage in a conversation with the supervisor to get the fit of the role one likes

BC cancer agency
This is a registered non-profit charity organization which is run by volunteers. The BC cancer agency has volunteer opportunities available which may include roles in informing people about cancer, pet therapy, chemo room volunteers, patient escort among others. People are required to visit the centre in the community to join the volunteer team. All are invited so long as they have basic education and no criminal records (BC cancer agency, 2014).

British Columbia’s Women’s Hospital & Health Centre Foundation
This is a grass root charity organization dealing with helping women withy breast cancer and doing research about breast cancer. It analyzes the causes, prevention and detection of breast cancer and how to treat it and improve the quality of the survivor’s lives (BC women’s hospital, 2013). The organization requires volunteers to work in it and all health students specializing in cancer are invited. One is obliged to fill the request form in their website. They believe volunteerism is that act of not being selfish; it is a kind of giving from individual who are willing to take any task that might come on their way. For now, they don’t have volunteer opportunities but would like to keep the names in case thy have one you will be considered.

Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation
This is a centre for healing and empowering women against violence. It seeks to eradicate violence of women and children in Canada and delivers innovative programs and servicers top the affected women. It encourages and empowers women survivors to make them change their lives after the hostile environment they have endured. There are many volunteer opportunities like counseling, treatment, taking care and many others concerned with women and gender discrimination (Canadian universities, 2013). The volunteers must have love for humanity, in the sense of giving, developing, caring, and trying to enhance what is good for the human. It mostly focuses on the quality of the life in the modern conventions. People who are qualified are advised to visit the organizations website for details.

It is factual there has been high impact of volunteering especially in Canada in which it has helped grow and develop communities. However, there are several matters that are a concern to the volunteering activities. Some of them are the impact of tax policies and changes in the near future. Another is the roles and the control and management of the non-profit organization, and then there are the ethics and the roles of the volunteering impact. The future of the volunteers may be affected but in general they are bettering their skills for tasks ahead and gaining experience before they get jobs.

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