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Generation gap is a term which is used to mark the differences between generations. Generation gap is a natural phenomenon which occurs due to the cultural shifts. Cultural shifts are the result of the normal development of humankind. People listen to different music, watch different movies, follow various trends in fashion and even lifestyle. All that we can see, including a significant gap between the new and previous generations, is a result of the development.

Technological progress is a major factor which nurtures generation gap, creates new inconveniences so quickly that older people find it difficult to adapt. The invention of the Internet has become the turning point for both generations. While youth switches quickly to this innovation, older people cherish their old customs. For instance, young people can seldom be viewed watching TVs. They rely fully on the Internet, while older people are afraid of speedy technological progress and prefer watching TV to mastering new skills. However, we cannot say that the ties between generations have been broken. There still exist eternal classics that will always be valued by all generations.

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Here we do not you the word “classics” in its primary meaning. This word signifies the masterpieces in music, literature, and art that will not lose their significance.
In music, bands and singers like Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Queen, and others, will never be forgotten. The tools used to listen to these songs may change hundreds of times, but these songs will always be loved.

Literature is one more example of eternal ties that weave together generations. Written long ago. Margaret Mitchell`s “Gone with the Wind” and William Makepeace Thackeray`s “Vanity Fair” are the novels which reflect philosophical problems that every generation faces and will always be facing. The problem is that although the settings where people perform have changed, people`s natures will always remain unchanged. It does not matter whether people read printed books or switch to electronic books, they read the same book.

Films, like “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” or “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” are watched by all generations. Humans do not invent new fashion. They do not create new socio-economic problems that can underpin new books or artform. Modern fashion tendencies existed before when our grandparents were young. Now, this concept is taken as a basis for a new style, which in reality is a modernized version of the old style, old traditions, and old culture.

At the same time, today a great emphasis is put on the past. Modern generations cherish traditions of the previous generations. They value their history, their past, and try to gain insight into their cultural heritage. This tendency has occurred not so long ago but managed to found support in young people. For example, purchasing vinyl records is considered the latest trend in a contemporary environment. Vintage clothing is one more example which supports this theory.

Vintage clothing is an attempt of contemporary surrounding to revive the fashion trends of the previous generations. Finding old-fashioned bag, a granddaughter will be beside herself with excitement. Youth has become so distant from older generations, that they now try to renew these ties. A decade ago, youth tended to break all the connections with the previous generations, denying religion, traditions, and neglecting their cultural heritage. Now, young people have realized the value of their past. This reflects youth`s deep philosophy that manages to unite children and parents, children and grandparents, and parents and grandparents.
Indeed, the Internet connection has separated generations. However, it has attracted young people to their history, making them realize that classics are time-tested and eternal. So, modern generation has established close ties with the previous generations.

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