Current Event Cyber Security

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Any time one opens the newspaper or reads the news via digital media, one is certain to read reports of global attacks in cyberspace. This news has become too frequent for comfort and has even reached the milestone of causing potential worldwide chaos. The most recent cyber security malfeasance illustrates that point. Two countries, North and South Korea, have increased their animosity toward each other due to this security breach and could have resulted in dire consequences for each country.

On Wednesday, March 20, South Korean banks and broadcasters were targeted by a cyber attack that damaged 32,000 computers and servers of banks and media outlets. It appears that no government computers or networks were affected. The IP address was tracked back to China. South Korean officials are trying to determine the cause and prevent any further cyber attacks. The result of this attack was the complete shutdown or slow down of networks causing a severe disruption of daily routines.

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South Korea immediately cast a suspicious eye on their neighbors to the north. North Korea had been renewing their promise to go to war with South Korea over efforts to stop North Korea’s nuclear missiles program. Efforts to increase cyber security were implemented.

South Korean computer experts discovered that hackers were able to infiltrate using their malicious computer code. Exactly how the hackers were able to infiltrate is still unknown but is under investigation.

It is indeed fortuitous that the IP address that caused this security breach was tracked to China. Had the IP address been undetermined, this story may have had a different ending. Since the automatic suspect was North Korea, South Korea may have decided to take matters into their own hands and fired upon North Korea-literally or figuratively.

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