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The statement, a cyber security policy is the sin qua non of a well-managed security program of any enterprise, emphasize the need for cyber security policies in an enterprise. Cybersecurity policy is of necessity to any enterprise since its services majorly rely on cyberspace. Cyber Space is the interconnection of computers and telecommunication networks in a network system which can associate with physical infrastructures with no regards to the physical layout (Strate, 2). Therefore, the organizational security depends on ICTs’ security. Thus, it is risky to disregard the growing Cyber Crimes as well as threats to citizen lives, activities, as well as governmental systems. Therefore, there is a growing concern to safeguard the assets of an organization.

Cyber security is building confidence and security while using ICTs to ensure trust through the information society. Cyber security comprises all activities and citizens around the world as it provides opportunities for facilitating human development as well as integration in the information society (Johanna, 26). The sin qua non of cyber security policies is that they inform the enterprise users of their obligations to protecting the information technology assets and identification of the threats to those assets.

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A company’s security program includes security policies such as the e-mail well as Internet access policies. Further, the policies are of necessity since they provide instructions for accountability and plans that give the steps to take and rules to adhere to in implementing the policies. A security policy is necessary since it is the vehicle for stressing the management’s obligation to computer security as well as making clear the expectations for employee productivity.

Contrary, the cyber security policies may not be of necessity since they pose major challenges. The policy involves a decision or direction. Additionally, organizations do not employ such policies in reality. It is just a paper to present to the organizational components such as customers and lawyers as it does not influence behavior. The policies could present weaknesses due to their poor nature as well as the human factor (Menn, 22). Further, individuals avoid policies that are too strict since they tire from adhering to them creating security breaches and attacks. For example, a security keypad on the server room door tires the administrators of entering the security PIN number.

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