Earth’s Magnetic Field

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The primary focus of this lab is to determine the measure of the magnitude of the earth’s magnetic field. Typically, the earth’s magnetic field can be compared to that magnetic bar. One way of determining the horizontal component of the earth’s magnetic field is by measuring it using a compass. In this lab our primary focus will be to first estimate the horizontal component of the earth’s magnetic field after which we shall the same results we have obtain to estimate the total earth’s magnetic field .

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A number of systematic errors must have occurred during this lab. The percentage error was 9% a value that is small. One possible source of error is that if the wires do have significant current, then the fields caused by these wires will bring some disturbance when measuring the field resulting to systematic errors. The other possible source of error could have resulted from the difficulty in aligning the sensor along the circles. This made it difficult to get the correct reading from the sensor since the readings kept fluctuating. The other possible source of error would have resulted due to the earth’s magnetic field. The wires were not perfectly wrapped at the base leading to measurement errors.

From the experiment, we have gained a better understanding of earth’s magnetic field. When we turned on the current on the wire, a second magnetic field was created at the centre of a current loop making it possible for us to measure the horizontal component of the earth’s magnetic field.

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The twisting of the lead wires is primarily to create a physical structure, which will bring about controlled as well as equal independence with respect to the ground. Considering that the wires were not twisted the total exposure of wires to the will therefore not equal averagely. The physical structure therefore does not change as a result of the usage of the twisted lead wires.

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