Educational Consultant

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The best way to improve the course for 21st century students is to use a different approach. This involves having the curriculum catered to the individual’s unique learning style and then supporting increased interaction through the use of technology based solutions. While everyone is in class, the material will be presented in numerous formats which are helping the person to understand and apply critical ideas. That is unique to the way they learn and comprehend key concepts. (Solvie, 2007)

At the same time, there is a focus on conducting various illustrations through numerous applications. These areas will help each person to have a better grasp of critical ideas and to provide them with a background in different subjects. After class, technological solutions could be used to give students more insights about crucial areas and help to encourage further interaction between students and educators. If these concepts are utilized, it will enhance their understanding of key ideas and how they are applied to real world situations. This will effectively prepare them for the challenges they will face in the future and give them a background technology. These ideas will make everyone more competitive in a globalized workforce. (Solvie, 2007)

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Two concepts that were obtained during the course include: having greater amounts of flexibility and becoming an active listener. Flexibility can be applied in any kind of educational or business setting. This means having an open mind and the ability to adjust with critical challenges when they are first emerging. In any environment, this will allow various concepts to be adjusted to the audience and customized to improve everyone’s learning comprehension of the material.

An active listener is someone who will pay attention to what a person is telling them and understand what is most important. It is at this point when there will be more effective discussions about these ideas and the impact they are having on them. This will ensure that critical concepts are reinforced and any kind of misinterpretations is addressed. If these theories were utilized in either setting, everybody will feel more motivated to learn and can easily connect with the information which is being presented.

  • Solvie, P. (2007). Using Technology Tools. Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education, 7 (2), 7 – 27.

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