Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising

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I became interested in fashion early because I found my style icon in my mom who has immaculate sense of style. My mom told me she had to especially buy magazines to stay in touch with the latest fashion trends, thus, in this regard my generation is quite lucky for having access to almost unlimited information on the internet. I still remember browsing through fashion runway pictures in middle school library and closely observing style and fabric quality. I am fortunate my mom has always encouraged me to do what I want to. When she sensed I have inherited her love for fashion, she could not have been more delighted and when I told her I intend to pursue a career as a fashion designer, she told me to go and chase my dream without blinking an eye.

I realize I am not unique in love for fashion because almost every other teenager has love affair with fashion but I have never seen fashion as a key to being hip. Instead, I see fashion as an extension of one’s personality and believe the wearer’s love for his/her clothes is reflected in his/her confidence. I want to become a fashion designer that doesn’t merely sell clothes but convinces the society that fashion designers are artists in every sense of the world just as sculptures or painters are. Fashion designers who really know and love their art create pieces that force the observers to think and play around with their imagination.

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Choosing the right school is as important as choosing the right major. I have chosen Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising because it doesn’t only have world class faculty to produce tomorrow’s leading fashion designers but the college also offers several opportunities to students to intern with leading companies and brands. In addition, students also have tremendous opportunities to interact with fashion designers and other industry professionals.

I believe fashion designer is also an observer who sees emerging trends before anyone else. There is a reason why leading U.S. clothing retailers such as J.C. Penney have specialist trend finders whose job is to predict the next best thing. Just as artists tried to portray their times in their paintings, a fashion designer should also reflect the tastes of his times in his creations. In my opinion, a fashion designer should not only tell people what they must wear but also ask people what they want to wear.

Some may see fashion designers as merely tailors but I believe every profession has certain basic rules to guide the behavior of the professionals. As a fashion designer, I hope to master quality management because I do not only want to create timeless products but also ones that last several generations.

After graduating from FIDM, I hope to continue to work for leading brands to hone my skills and eventally expect to become a fashion designer myself. Many professions have been going through transformation and fashion design is one of them. It is not sufficient to merely learn technical skills and ignore other skills necessary to succeed in the real world. FIDM doesn’t only product fashioners but also teaches them the art of the fashion industry which has increasingly becoming more commercial. Thus, FIDM will not only allow me to pursue my creative interests but will also teach me survival skills.

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