Food Justice

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There is a nutritional concern in the town because residents are not having healthy and nutritious meals. The city is made up of a number of poor neighborhoods, and the residents are unable to afford nutritious and wholesome meals. Hilmers, Hilmers, & Dave (2012) notes such areas are inundated by retail stores selling unhealthy and processed foods, which are cheaper and hence affordable to the residents. The impact is that residents are predisposed to high rates of obesity.

In line with this, I do suggest two measures which should be considered by the council as part of its health policy. First, the town council should enact a plan to subsidize healthy and nutritious foods to make them affordable to the local population. Suppliers will get a rebate for selling organic and nutritious food at specified prices to the local community. To this effect, the council will need to make necessary budgetary allocations. Secondly, an aggressive campaign should be carried out to educate the public on the need to eat healthy food. Parsons (2012) notes once the public is educated on the benefits of eating healthy, the rates of healthy eating will dramatically improve over time.

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The policy can be explained from a deontological perspective. The theory argues that the intent of committing an action is more important than the consequences. There may be a need to cut back funding on some other areas to finance this policy. However, this move is for the benefit of the town and its residents. With a reduction of obesity, then it is hoped the health sector will be under less pressure to deal with related diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and depression (Helpguide, 2017). The long-term health expenditure will be low. A healthy population will guarantee the town, able labor to fuel its economic activities.

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