“Goodbye, Lenin” Review

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The film was is an entertaining film that was produced in Germany, and it is typified by both tragedy and comedy. At the time the production is produced in East Germany, it is notable that the time corresponds to the disintegration of Berlin Wall. The director, Wolfgang Becker, aims at utilizing the film to provide insights into critical events that are evident in the contemporary European history, including political, economic, and social matters. In a nutshell, it is about Alex, who tries to make time stand still with the goal of protecting his sick mom against the negative impacts of political upheavals in East Germany. At the time of introducing Alex, the audience learns that he is barely 20, and German Democratic Republic is celebrating its fortieth anniversary. His mom, Christiana, and sibling, Ariane, live in the same household. His dad did no like the ideologies of the East Germany; thus, he went away from the region and settled in the west. Christiana is a strong supporter of Socialist Party and has been involved in many political activities in the nation. However, she gets a heart attack and eventually falls into a comma immediately she learns that Alex is participating in an anti-government protest. Increased political momentum corresponds with the eight-month period she is in a comma. Finally, events are unstoppable, and they result in the collapse of the Berlin Wall, ushering in an era of capitalism into the nation. This paper discusses the impacts on consumerism that are highlighted by the film. In addition, it narrates how political and social changes alter the market. It is critical to note that consumer behaviors are referenced in the film, and personal thought process are applied to view what is happening in the movie.

From social and economic perspectives, consumerism is an ideology that is thought to motivate citizens to acquire more goods and services. Notably, from a political viewpoint, the term is used to refer to situations when politicians seek to enlighten consumers and encourage honest practices, including better safety measures and honest packaging and advertising. After the disintegration of the Berlin Wall, citizens of East Berlin could be free, but this does not imply that all persons have better economic status. The past ideology in the nation did not support the accumulation of goods and services by the citizens. However, with the adoption of capitalism, people would be encouraged to attain much more wealth, even at the expense of others. Alex and his sister do not intend to “hurt” their sick mother. Thus, they hide from her most of the happenings that promote social and economic consumerism in East Berlin. The director of the film aims at using many illustrations to reproach the approaches of West Germany regarding consumerist culture. In one scene, Alex contemptuously tells how his sister did not see any practicability of economic theory in her studies. However, she has her first sensible experience of consumerism and the circulation of money. The opportunity has presented itself when she has begun to work as a customer care representatives at Burger King. Although the Western’s ideology is introduced to East Berlin, consumers do not have substantial money to purchase goods and services in markets, which are, unfortunately, exemplified by high priced products. Alex is one of the young citizens who lose their TV workshop jobs as a result of the new social and economic ideology, which aims at encouraging citizens to compete among themselves with the goal of achieving excellent goals. Apart from losing their jobs, they also do not receive their savings, which is explained by the management to be as a result of adopting the new German Mark. The illustrations could be argued to indicate that consumerism is not supported by various political and economic systems in the nation. It would be expected that the political class would be at the forefront of enlightening workers about their labor benefits so that they would remain in meaningful jobs, whose wages would sustain them economically. In this context, one cannot expect the economy to grow through increased levels of purchase since many consumers are undergoing financial uncertainties.

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Social and political changes have profound impacts on markets that are shown in the film. After the abolishment of the communist state, the presence of capitalists and the absence of Soviet, which could fight for the rights of many citizens, many people have become jobless. Thus, welfare organizations social security platforms are now disintegrated. Social and political adjustments have led to the privatization of markets in the nation. It appears that there are no laws that stipulate market operations, for example, the labor market. Professionals, such as academics and artists, who were previously paid the socialist government are not participating in shaping the national market due to the fact that they have lost their jobs as a result of the lack of funding. It is notable that many governments have no monies to keep large armies, which could be analyzed to mean that the levels of crime and violence due to politics have increased. Markets are now typified by Western goods, which are not preferred by the old generation. For example, it is impossible for Alex to buy her mom her favorite delicacies in the new supermarkets. The changes have also ensured that markets are typified by products that were previously considered immoral. For example, Alex visits a pornographic center, where he has a romantic experience with Lara. This shows the behaviors of many citizens in East Berlin, who aim at having experiences of new goods and services. Although they have willingness to buy, a remarkable number does not have the money to do so.

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