Google Yourself Activity

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When I opened my first Gmail account, I was extremely excited. In fact, I spent most of the time on the computer. I would post several stories about myself and my family including school activities. Recently, I decided to Google search myself out of curiosity and what I found out surprised me.

After I had conducted a Google search, I was surprised at how naive I was and out of ignorance, I would give personal details about myself and my family. I would write about my parent’s lifestyle and even provide details about where they worked and where we lived. Owing to naivety, I did not know how much I was exposing my family to the public. Due to peer pressure, I would even lie about places I had visited and such false information would lead me into the wrong company as I would get a lot of friend requests online. Going through my e-mail account, I am surprised at how childish I was. I wonder how the public viewed me as a teenager.

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Despite writing out of peer pressure, I did put into consideration the impression I made then. I would give unnecessary details about my school and the teachers including how I hated schooling thus portraying me as a rebellious teenager. The image I created is so different from my real life, and I feel that I left a bad impression. I believe people who were reading what I wrote then would have realized the mistake I was making but, fortunately, I never got myself or my family into trouble. However, if I had known whatever I wrote would get into the public; I would have been more careful and discreet and not give a false image of whom I am. A majority of people create and judge another person according to what one writes, and I feel there is a need to be cautious and careful in the information shared. I am now wiser and mature and would not wish other teenagers to make the mistakes I made.

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