Gun Control Debate and Second Amendment

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In the ongoing gun control debate, few issues are as strongly disputed as the Second Amendment. With the increasing incidents of fatal shootings in the states, it is no wonder as to why many are stressing the need to reform gun laws or impose stringent gun control measures. In this essay, the necessity of enforcing strict gun control laws, as well as the pros and cons associated with the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms, will be explored.

According to the Washington Post, at least 61 mass homicides have occurred in approximately 30 states since 1982 (Klein, para. 7). In the majority of these murders, almost all of the shooters had acquired their weapons by legal measures. In addition, the fatalities associated with single mass murders are becoming more intense, with the most extreme episodes occurring since 2007 (Klein, para. 10). So the question is posed: does the Second Amendment need repealing? Or does this call for a new interpretation?

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When the Second Amendment was written in 1791, it was mainly applicable to the militia and other related state security groups (TeenInk, para. 2). However, this amendment has been largely extended since to every U.S. citizen in their beliefs that guns are necessary for self-defense. While the Second Amendment should remain a vital component of the Constitution, as well as a right for U.S. Citizens, it is up to the state and federal governments to impose safer, more stringent gun control laws that can help to decrease gun related deaths (Kagel, para. 4). In fact, there is a strong connection between the increasing levels of citizens owning guns and gun related homicides (Kagel, para. 2). Currently, almost fifty percent of Americans agree that stricter gun control laws should be enforced (Swanson, para. 2).

In summary, the increasing homicide rates that strongly correlate with increasing firearm owners mandates a reform in gun control laws. Although the Second Amendment gives U.S. citizens the right to bear arms, this has been widely interpreted and extended to every citizen, resulting in higher rates of shooting homicides. Therefore, stringent gun control laws should be enforced with the aim of reducing gun related deaths and violence.

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