History of Japan

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Primarily, Yamato period was an era in the history of Japan in, which the Japanese Imperial Court ruled from the current Nara Prefecture. During the Yamato era, Japan maintained diplomatic connectedness with China and Korea. Although Japan is one of the technologically advanced countries and has unique cultural practices, it could not have attained such cultural advancement without an external influence. In contrast, the Nara period was an era in the history of Japan, which Buddhism practices were highly developed. The first permanent capital of the Chinese T’ang dynasty was Nara. The Nara artisans designed Buddhist temples and refined the sculptures of the religious group. The Japanese were committed to establishing a unified state during the Yamato and Nara times.

In the Nara period, the Japanese established a centralized form of ruling under the Chinese style system of law codes, Ritsuryo system. During the period, Buddhism was one of the national religions while architecture and arts flourished. Besides, the Japanese built several provincial temples throughout different places in Japan. In the contemporary world, the main tourist attractions for visitors are the different temples constructed during the introduction of Buddhism in Japan.

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During the Yamato period, the Japanese established Uji-Kabane as one of the outstanding patterns of administrative control. The Uji were extensions of the agricultural communities and what the Chinese recognized as states. The farming communities joined into different linear groups based on an assumption that the people would only receive bountiful harvests if they would respect the deity. Hence, different clans joined through conquest. Besides, the community heads formed vertical relationships. In the fifth century, the different groups in Japan joined in religious, military, and economic ties. It is apparent that the Yamato ruler designated different political units in the country. After the Yamato kingdom rose to greater power, the Uji clan appeared in other areas based in Japan.

The political, economic, and cultural developments in Japan during the Yamato and Nara times influenced the response of Japanese to the different challenges from the West during the 19th and 20th century. In the 19th century, China and Japan were under intense pressure from the West to enhance foreign trade relations. During the Nara period, most of the Japanese nationalities practiced agriculture. Besides, most of the Japanese villagers worshipped the natural and ancestral spirits. As a result, Japan was in a better position to respond to the criticism from the West during the 19th and 20th Century.

Additionally, administrative and economic activities increased during the Nara period. The government had a better chance to collect taxes more efficiently and in a mundane manner. Moreover, the rulers’ established new roads linked to different provincial capitals. In the mid-eighteenth century, a crucial economic institution in medieval Japan emerged resulting from a search of a manageable form, of landholding. Therefore, the local administrators became self-sufficient while the rise in taxation influenced most people to abandon their lands. For this reason, the Japanese were well prepared to respond to the different challenges from the West during the 20th Century.

In conclusion, the Nara and Yamato periods were significant eras in the development of Japan. In fact, it is during the historical periods that China and Japan achieved cultural and economic advancements. Most importantly, the development facilitated the Japanese response to the challenges from the West during the 19th and 20th centuries. However, China and Japan responded differently to the pressure from the West. For instance, Japanese officials managed to assess different situations before responding to the challenges from the West. Additionally, they had more interest to gain knowledge about the different strategies from the West.

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