Hypodermic Needle Theory

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The media is one of the biggest most influential entities in the modern society. In everyday lives, dreams, actions, words and behaviors are directly influenced by media. The most immediate media exposure comes from the programs that we watch which movies is part. A large number of actions among the people who can access media are from the ones that are borrowed from those programs. Currently, the highest population that is directly affected by the media is the youth who spend a large amount of the time concentrating on the offered programs. The more time youths spend in the movies has a direct effect on their daily lives controlling and colonizing them slowly but surely. This is the basis of the hypodermic needle theory and therefore the study (Livingston & Markham, 2008).

Hypodermic needle theory tends to explain the relation between how the media influences our actions and how these actions affect our lives. Taking an example from the movie fast and furious, the scenes that are exposed are so exciting to see. The viewers get carried away by the speed with which Paul Walker and Vin Diesel that they think it is cool to give a shot. The high speeds and the types of cares are the most exciting. Today, most movie freaks are so much into daring that before then, they would not feel heroes. With all the information on the dangers in mind, people still go ahead and copy what is depicted in the movies. Paul Walker is an example of one of the people who died out of what they love most. His speed was as a result, perhaps, of other movies that he may have watched or even his own (Ferguson, 2010).

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In the United Arab Emirates, Hollywood and Bollywood are the most common. It is in this case that most of the influence comes in. currently, people do not smoke or take alcohol because they want to, it is because of the influence that they get from the programs that they watch. Smoking Marijuana in the world today is viewed as a normal thing because it is portrayed by the media as so. The things that movie stars do, how they act after smoking that marijuana is what drives people into that act. The effects of these influences are not so immediately shown in those movies only the positive sides are shown. Across the world, the UAE, the United States and even Africa are alike in this. The behaviors of these people are controlled by the exposure in the media (Buckingham, 2009).

From the movie fast and furious, several scenes are emotional and very influential. A point is seen where Vin Diesel jumps from his car to save a girl. This is taken literally by the viewers in the sense that they would always want to copy the same. People risk their lives for things that do not matter because it is in the media. Divorce, separation, sexual assaults and even pornography are changing people’s right way of thinking because their minds are given a direction towards which they should think. The media has taken over the actions, moods, emotions and is fully controlling the minds. People get violent trying to copy the moves that they see from the movies and ending up being disastrous because of the movies. The number of accidents in the UAE is rapidly increasing due to careless driving and over speeding. Influence from trying to jump out of moving vehicles, going crazy stuff while driving and ending up messing while on high speed. Many patients are admitted daily into the hospitals and many others losing their lives because of behavioral control (Ferguson, 2010).

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