Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Fat Kids

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In my opinion, all of the parties mentioned have a responsibility for addressing the issue of childhood obesity. Parents need to help at home, providing children with a proper diet and outdoor activities. Schools basically need to do the same, like having balanced and nutritious meals in the cafeteria and making sure children are involved in sports or other activities. The government is responsible because they are who put the laws and regulations into place. Restaurants are responsible for what they put on their menus, or at least that they advertise what is in the food so people can make educated choices. The media is also responsible because many children are influenced by advertisements, especially celebrities.

Looking back at my childhood and even today as an adult, there are any instances where I wanted a certain food because someone famous was in the advertisement. For example, when I was little I remember seeing a commercial for McDonald’s that featured Michael Jordan and Larry Bird in a face-off for a Big Mac and fries. I am a huge fan of basketball, so after watching this, I remember really wanting to eat that same meal because I looked up to them. If they are eating this, then it must be good and maybe I will be like them one day. Today, I am more informed and not as easily influenced my ads (at least not consciously).

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I think he wrote it as an open letter because it speaks more directly to the directors. He uses the pronoun “you” and also asks them questions, which helps to make the directors think more about the issue (versus just giving them a “lecture”). I believe that both directors probably gave the letter some serious thought. They are both intelligent men so when presented with the evidence, I think that they certainly both thought about it and even wrote Dr. Parikh back.

I believe that the thesis of the paper doesn’t come out until paragraph 11 on page 314, where Dr. Parikh asks why they still tie junk food with movies and whether it would not be better to change this practice and “partner with somebody who thinks a little healthier?” The writing before this is about statistics on child obesity and movies and also about giving the directors some compliments. He did this probably so that he could grab their attention and also to get him on his side.

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