International Trade of the USA

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The U.S. government finds the process of intervening in international trade via the establishment of the U.S. Commercial Service due to enabling small business to obtain a broader share of the market share for international exporting. If the U.S. government does not intervene and provide a comprehensive U.S. Commercial service to assist small business to establish and enhance its operations overseas into international markets, the competition from larger and more established businesses will prevent small businesses from driving business in the export market. The U.S. Commercial service allows small businesses to figure out how to export into international markets and to expand into international business and into international markets.

The U.S. Commercial service can link small business to international businesses and provide information about international companies and their provision of services with regard to doing business. The government seeks to expand the assistance to small business by enabling the U.S. Commercial service to provide the assistance to small businesses to go internationally, and to assist with finding banking relationships. The question for many U.S. businesses is not whether to go international, but whether the U.S. has the proper assistance to enable small business engagement into overseas markets. Large multinational companies already do have the capacity to establish banking and vendor relationships to better assist their international operations.

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The rise of international business and international trade has been the resounding effect of new information and technology to enable communication links to better reach and interact with the international market. The basis of communication has provided the necessary link to enable the buyer to the seller and via the seller’s website which ostensibly provides an international presence to allow for international customers to purchase goods. The internet is the prime enabler of international markets via international business.

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