Is Abortion Ethical?

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In my opinion, deliberately induced abortion is ethically justifiable. Many cases of abortion are performed for low-income, and often lone, people who are not able to financially support a child. Most arguments against abortion say that those who are unable to handle the possibility of children should not engage in unprotected, premarital intercourse. The problem with these arguments is that they ignore the unavailability of female contraceptive. Also, in many cases the choice of unprotected sex comes from the male partner who often chooses to abandon the female partner once a pregnancy occurs. This argument also ignores the male influence that causes many of these abortions as well.

There are also arguments that pregnancies should be carried out for the sake of allowing someone else the opportunity of someone else having the chance to be a parent. However, in many of these cases is the medical and financial resources available to allow the mother to carry a healthy, full-term child. Unhealthy, premature, and often stillborn, children can be the result of a lack of these resources. There is also a lack of attention to the physical and mental stress that pregnancy causes on women, which in many cases can put the child’s health, as well as the woman’s, at risk. The problem with many of the arguments against the ethics of deliberate abortion is that they stem from a religion context which often ignores the physical, mental, psychological stress associated with pregnancy, along with the economical factors that add to this stress.

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If not accounting for the religious beliefs that fuel the argument against deliberately induced abortion, then the choice made by most women to have an abortion would be seen as smart life decisions made to assure that a child would not be subjected to hardship before, during, or after birth.

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