Is Love At First Sight Real

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In the day-to-day life, love is considered as one of the first emotions that people tend to experience, regardless of how a person defines love. Therefore, love can be what a person feels when sleeping after a long day at work or a feeling that one gets when he or she is greeted. A human mind is considered to be subconscious often working in a very simplistic manner. Judging by the human mind’s simplicity, it has resulted in many misjudgements, wrong beliefs, and stereotypes throughout all the ages (Grant-Jacob 1104). Therefore, it is quite evident that the human mind, which is always subconscious often, forms opinions without us even realizing it. This then spills through the human being conscious thinking leading them to react accordingly. Indeed, the human subconscious mind is not perfect implying that it is prone to mistakes thus one such mistake can directly affect the process of falling in love at first sight.

Love, at first sight, means merely falling in love with someone after meeting or seeing him or her for the very first time. In real life situation, every person has his or her perception regarding beauty, which is mainly based on a person’s background. This implies that people tend to view another person’s beauty differently. For instance, seeing someone in the streets relates to a person you once loved before, a close family member or relative or rather a person you do not get along so well. In such circumstances, the subconscious mind may lead a person to have a strong possibility of finding someone else physically appealing to one’s eyes. This demonstrates falling in love at first sight.

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This brings back to the question if it is possible to fall in love with someone the moment you see him or her. In my opinion, it is possible to fall in love with someone at first sight. This is evident from the fact that the subconscious mind will always try to look out for one’s well being by making one get attracted to the new person; this one will do everything to get with them, and hopefully, this new person will in return give positive emotions. According to Stephen Bertman’s theory of Imprinting, what a person may justifiably ask is if I fall in love at first sight, will I be acting like a birdbrain? Indeed, people are linked to the evolution link just as birds, but there is a vast biological gap between them. Therefore, the imprinting theory by Stephen Bartman indeed influences individual’s choice of mates thus one can fall in love with someone else at first sight (Grant-Jacob 1113).

It is important to note that falling in love with someone, at first sight, has nothing to do with an individual’s good looks. This suggests that if it solely depended on people’s looks, then individuals would fall in love with strangers whenever they are walking. The truth behind falling in love for the first time according to Bartman’s imprinting theory is because something according to a particulate look tends to trigger a comparison in the subconscious mind. This, therefore, explains why it is easier to fall in love with someone at first sight, while others are left thinking that this is just an average affair.

On the other hand, it is quite evident that a person can fall in love with someone else as a result of unsatisfied needs. Occasionally, people tend to interpret this to meet a person for the first time and not seeing him or her for the first time. To explain this assertion, during the first meeting, something happened that triggered one’s subconscious mind into believing that he or she is attracted to the person. For instance, I once met a girl at a small party. As the talking kept progressing, I suddenly felt that I had fallen in love. To me, I believe it happened so quickly. This was falling in love at first sight. A point to note from the above example is that it had nothing to do with destiny or fate, but it’s how the subconscious mind makes people fall in love at first sight.

Recent studies have indicated that a person can fall in love with someone else at first sight as a positive illusion, which creates in to enhance their relationship. Indeed, this sounds plausible because a human being is prone to outcome bias, which means that people tend to evaluate the quality of such a decision based on the outcome. Therefore, falling in love with someone else, at first sight, is a belief that people tend to have from the very first moment and further believe that they will strengthen it in future. In addition to a positive illusion, I believe that falling in love with someone, at first sight, is simply a strong initial attraction between two individuals.

Conclusively, love just happens. It does, and no one can explain it. Indeed, it is true that love at first sight exists and many times the potential of a person falling in love with someone else just happens with a mere first glance. Come to think of it, one may ask, what makes a person stop on one’s track, completely forgetting everything that is going on in one’s life and focus on another person? Some people may call it fleeting, but the truth of the matter is that love at first sight indeed exists and is present in one’s mind.

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