Life of Pi Movie Review

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Life of Pi is a movie surrounding the adventures of Pi, an Indian man who gets lost at sea after the sinking of a Canada bound ship he and his family was aboard. The entire story is a retrospective where Pi, now older, is telling a reporter about his life leading up his rescuing after being at sea for so long. Pi obviously survives the ordeal but certain aspects of his story seem unlikely. At one point, Pi is giving his story to representatives from the company who owned the sunken boat; these people hear his story and do not believe him. Due to this, Pi gives them another story.

Pi tells them that he doesn’t not know why the ship sank; but the cook onboard the lifeboat killed two people onboard. Finally, Pi killed the cook. Pi made an elaborate story up in order to cope with killing someone and being stranded at sea. It becomes clear towards the end of the movie why Pi made these lies up. Although, Pi’s troubles seemed to have ended in the ocean, it is clear that the man is still coping.

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Pi has severe emotion issues relating to his survival at sea and cannot cope with them by purely facing the facts. Pi seemed to have resolved his initial conflict; however, he created the lifelong conflict of constantly lying to himself. Pi seemingly chooses to believe in the story surrounding the animals. He possibly placed these manifestations on these people due to their behavior and its similarities towards animals. In the end, Pi is coping with his loss in the best way he knows how, denial. Pi is shown at the end of the movie to have a family and be well adjusted, so maybe the denial helped him.

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