The Drinking Age Should Not be Lowered From 21 to 18

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So many young adults desperately want the drinking age to be lowered to 18. Although 18 over are considered adults, drinking in a young age, when the body is still developing, could have negative effects. The health consequences that most young adults will face are severe. Even though some teenagers could get away with drinking illegally, there are punishments for owning a fake ID. Lowering the drinking age will only increase the likelihood of negative influences within the community; drinking-related crimes and health issues will have devastating effects on the society.

The physiological action of alcohol in the human body is very harmful. Most of the young people who engage in drinking alcohol are influenced by perceptions that they develop as a result of peer pressure. Most of these perceptions are as a result of ignorance because they perceive alcohol to enhance various aspects of their life. However, allowing the teenagers to take alcohols is likely to bring a lot of harm to their lives. Most of the teenagers involved in heavy intake of alco0hol have perceptions that the alcohol can reduce their troubles. The problems associated with alcohol can be short-term in their lives and long-term. Some of the short-term problems include financial problems. Most of the teenagers who engage in alcohol intake are likely to run into addiction. This can make the young men to spend most of their time in taking the alcohol. The majority of the teenagers are students and they do not have financial stability. This can make them to engage in other illegal activities that can assist them to generate more money that can be in the buying the alcohol. These habits can develop progressively and lead to bigger problems in their future lives like making them engage in criminal activities and this negative to the society.

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Alcohol is very detrimental to human health (Pietrangelo, 2014). The alcohol affects various aspects of the development of the body. Teenagers have various processes in their bodies as a result of the development facilitated by their transition to maturity. This is because the alcohol is absorbed into the body and then affects numerous physiological processes. This makes the alcohol to be a big part of the fluid in the body fluids. The presence of the alcohol in the body can lead to emotional and physical changes that harm the body. The accumulation of the alcohol in the body inhibit the action of various organs and organ systems in the body. The ultimate effect of the alcohol can be organ malfunction and death (Pietrangelo, 2014). The excretory system playa a big role eliminating the waste products from the body. Alcohol is major component of the waste products one taken into the body. The toxic nature of alcohol overworks the liver and other parts of the body during the excretion process and this can lead to complications. The central nervous system can also be affected by the alcohol because once in the body, the alcohol inhibits various aspects of coordination in the body and this may lead to motor problems in an individual (Pietrangelo, 2014). The alcohol also can inhibit the absorption of very essential nutrients in the digestive tract and this can make the victims very weak. Once in the body, the alcohol is circulated to various parts of the body leading to problem to the circulatory system, reproductive system, skeletal and muscular system and the immune system. These aspects are likely to reduce the quality of life of the victims.

Allowing the teenagers to take alcohol legally is likely to increase the level of dishonesty in the society today. This is because it is likely to increase the number of people who use fake identity documents to have the alcohol in their lives. There is a large number of people who use fake identity documents in the society in order to get alcohol because of the 21 years age limit (Clarke, 2014). Most of the people make alterations on their identity documents in order to comply with the requirements of the age limit while other are involved in the theft of the identification documents. There are numerous concern that have led to the development of the concern if the age limit is lowered, the number of people using fake identity documents can reduce in the society. However, allowing the teenager to drink by reducing the age limit cannot assist in eradicating the use of fake identification documents. This can only encourage the individuals who are below 18 years to be involved in the same issues associated with the identification documents in order to buy alcohol (Clarke, 2014). Therefore, this is likely to lead to an increase in the level of dishonesty among the people of lower age groups in the society.

In conclusion, the prevalence of alcohol in the society today has been increasing over the years. The existence of a age limit on the people who should take alcohol assist in enhancing order in the society and preventing the young people from the side-effects associated with drinking alcohol. However, this has received a lot of publicity in the society leading to numerous debates on whether the drinking age should be reduced to 18 years. Alcohol is very harmful to human health especially in the development stages. Therefore, reducing the drinking age is likely to compromise the ethical and moral standards that govern the society because it will negate the integrity to humanity.

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