Movies and Television

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“Life According to TV” Key point 1

The entertainment industry, in particular television has embraced the concept of reality TV shows. These shows depict celebrities in their everyday life, the glamour and challenges associated with their day-to-day activities. This has influenced the perception of America as to the definition of the American Dream. This flashy lifestyles has evolved to define the American dream.

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I do not believe that today’s shows seem more accurate that those often years ago. This is owing to the fact that shows today are sponsored by different entities that seek to promote certain ideas and ideologies. For example shows today are increasingly depicting sexuality in a free and open manner, bordering pornography. This is in huge contrast of those of the recent past that promoted family values and dignity in the society.

Owing to the increasing number of reality shows on TV networks, it is rather evident that these shows have received a positive reception. This is further evidenced by the increasing and high ratings that shows such as “Keeping up With the Kardashians” have received in the past 3 years.

“The Tribe Has Spoken” Key point 2
Die-hard reality TV fans are largely responsible for the surge that reality TV has received in the United States over the past decade. About 45% of Americans watch reality TV shows and programs of those, 27% consider themselves reality TV die-hard fans. Women make up 64% of the realty TV shows diehard fans. 58% of reality TV show diehard fans come from the middle- to low-income brackets.

“Keeping it Real” Key point 3
The two analogies given by Samuels are accurate depiction of what reality dating shows represent and target in the consumer. The first analogy depicts reality dating shows as tools that are used to influence the consumer on what ideals they should strive for in the consumer economy. This is achieved by creating a perception or a brand of sorts that the consumer would wish to be associated with. The second analogy depicts reality dating shows as avenues and reflections that the consumer can easily relate to, helping them identify the product that is best suited for them.

The concept of “funhouse mirrors” depicts the shows as an avenue through which the consumer can see different facets of themselves so s to help them realize and find themselves. These shows help consumers find the strengths and weaknesses in themselves by seeing other people with such similar traits. Dating shows are more accurately described by the first analogy. This is owing to the fact that such dating shows create a concept or idea of what dating should be. This causes the consumer to change and/or adapt to what they perceive to be fashion or reality.

“The Politics of Moviemaking” Key point 1
Recent films depict a lack of concern for human life. This is because, these movies depict death in either a massive scale or in a gruesome way. Such movies include:
Saw V
Wrong Turn
Man of Steel
The Avengers

Recent events that depict lack of concern for human life include:
The terrorist attack at Westgate Mall in Kenya
School shootings:
Arapahoe High School shooting (13th Dec 2013, 2 deaths)
Sparks Middle School Shooting (21st Oct 2013, 2 deaths)
Santa Monica shooting (7th Jun 2013, 4 deaths)
These school shootings have been propagated by the largely violent media content that is readily available in the United States. These events only serve to show that the values that are entrenched in society, reflected in movies, materialize to real life events.

“Pulp Fiction” Key point 2
The concept of “film violence is healthy” is ill founded. This is because this violence does materialize in the real world leading to loss of lives of innocent individuals. On the other hand film ought to promote family values through anti-violence movements. Film violence is important in shaping violence in contemporary culture. The violence in contemporary culture is largely propagated by the violence in films.

“Nailed” Key point 3
I believe Denby’s intention and goals for the review was to shape people’s opinions who had already watched the movie. This is because the review is founded and geared towards an audience with prior knowledge to the movie. The key functions of movie reviews is to point out the strengths, weakness and biases that underlie any motion picture. I utilize movie reviews to rank the content and performance of characters based on the different facets of the movie. This largely dictates what I watch.

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