“My Big Fat Saudi Wedding” Review

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A list of characters
My Big Fat Saudi Wedding is a 2010 film that founded on the 1980 novel Marriages in Saudi Arabia and is directed by Aden Ali. It was produced by Aisha Alma and co-produced by Qatar Institute of Film Production, Qatar. It stars the following:

1. Aisha Amani
2. Ahmad Amare
3. Caleb Amir
4. Fatima Hana
5. Imani Amira and
6. Amari Antwan.

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Aisha Amani, 30, is the main character in the film, and she is determined breaking traditional customs by marrying a non-Muslim, Caleb Amir. She is typified by high levels of education (she has an MBA), and her father thought that she could help him to manage his business empire. Caleb Amir, 27, is a young Christian, who has met her love (Aisha Amani) in the University. He is working with one of the largest humanitarian bodies in the Middle East. Ahmad Amare, aged 76, is Aisha’s father and is an oil business magnate who exports oil products to the US, Africa, and Europe. He is quite religious, and he states that his only daughter should strictly follow Islamic teachings. Fatima Hana, 50, is Aisha’s mother. All her marriage life, she has been a housewife. She has given birth to 12 children; 11 males and 1 female. She holds that her daughter should be married off to a wealthy person so that she can lead a comfortable life. Iman Amira, 25, is a close friend to Aisha, who was married off at an early age of 17. She is a close confidant to Aisha, and she is one of the persons who are advising her to go against the wishes of her parents vis-à-vis marriage. Amari Antwan, 55, is a rich person who divorced his wife a few years ago. He is a close friend of Amare and his wife, Fatima, and they want him to marry off their only daughter.

Plot summary
The film begins as Aisha, Caleb, and Amira are out for her dinner. Aisha opens up to let her lover, Caleb, and her friend know that she is under pressure to be married off to Caleb since he is a wealthy person. In a somber mood, Caleb recalls how his marriage proposal was turned down because he is relatively poor, young, and a non-Muslim. It appears that in this part of the world Muslim ladies cannot be married to persons with whom they do not share religious faith. Her parents, in white and black, told the young Caleb that it would be shameful for a person three years younger than their daughter to marry her, which is against the customs of Saudis. Caleb is overwhelmed by his sorrow, and he starts to sob. Later, his love, Aisha, starts to sob uncontrollably. Amira comforts them by telling them that they should trust in God and do all that they wish. She contends that modern children cannot be subject to societal suffering on the grounds of their class, color, and religion. She recounts how her late father forced her to get married to a wealthy man, 15 years her senior, due to material possessions. She discourages Aisha from marrying Antwan since he is too old, and he might not satisfy her in bed. Notably, she says that she has never enjoyed sex with her husband because she has never loved him. In addition, she admits that he only views her as a sex object. In another scene, Amare and Fatima vow that Aisha should follow what they tell her, lest they declare her a social outcast. They claim that Aisha is a disgrace since she does things that females should not do. For example, she rides a bike in public, and she sometimes does not wear a headscarf. The last scene is the planned wedding between Aisha and Antwan. She was not involved in the phases of marriage, such as proposal, viewing and the marriage contract. The wedding is taking place in the magnificent ballroom of one of the most expensive hotels in Qatar. To the surprise of the groom, family members, relatives and friends, Aisha breaks into tears and declares that she would commit suicide is she is not allowed to marry her true lover, Caleb.

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