Nursing Statement of Purpose

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Nursing profession boasts of the largest workforce than any other discipline anywhere else in the world except the armed forces career. A BSN will equip me with prerequisite skills that I missed in my AND degree program. Among these skills include community nursing, pediatrics, psychosocial nursing, nurse leadership and management, special topics, nursing research, senior seminary, nursing theory, capstone, health assessment, and nursing ethics. I particularly look forward to learning nursing skills and also benefit from BSN training on how to pass NCLEX test for accreditation as registered nurse. The BSN program will prepare me for further advancement of my nursing career. I also look forward to gaining an interdisciplinary background in nursing from the BSN program through course work. The BSN program will further reinforce my research background and write knowledge.

A BSN degree will therefore adequately prepare me for the expanding practitioners’ role in nursing as I climb the nursing career ladder. The BSN degree will also prepare me to confront a multiplicity of mainstream, and new challenges as a registered nurse practitioner from the eternally evolving healthcare setting that make a nurses occupation more complicated.  The BSN degree is particularly tailored to increasing emphasizes on preventive and primary care in a healthcare setting, a shift that has rendered the inpatient environment oriented ADN training quite obsolete (Huston, 2013). The BSN will further expand my practice scope to a multiplicity of environment that spans from the less complex homecare setting to a more complex setting like case management care (Huston, 2013).

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Despite expanding my nursing skills by enrolling in the BSN program, I anticipate to still grapple with some inexorable challenges in the healthcare setting. Among these difficulties is inadequate staff across the various healthcare professions, which translate to increased workload to nurses that ultimately cause stresses and other occupational-related problems to nurses (Levy & Ransdell, 2013). My proposal for relieving some burden off nurses’ shoulders is for states to come up with legislations that stipulate a mandatory nurse-to-patient ratio in healthcare setting (Huston, 2013). Nurses also face strained inter-professional relationships especially with their seniors like physicians. Conflicting sentiments and views amongst nurses about disrespect by their seniors usually affect the smooth delivery of healthcare services. Besides their seniors, nurses are often at loggerheads with other colleagues, administrators, and patients. Nurses are further too overburdened to handle staffing problems. Unfortunately, patients are not aware of nurses’ baggage and still demand adequate attentions, which results in conflict between what the overstretched nurse can deliver and the highly expectant patient. This conflict escalates as healthcare setting deteriorate and as the number of healthcare staff reduces (Levy & Ransdell, 2013).

I plan to exploit the intervention of nurses unions and other bodies for professional nurses to solve some of the anticipated challenges. For instance, union intervention will come in handy in resolving labor-related issues like compensation. Unions can also resolve the staffing issue by emphasizing on the inclusion of nurse-to-patient ratio in my employment contract. On the other hand, professional bodies for nurses can help in resolving inter-professional conflicts with colleagues or physicians. Healthcare leaders like unit leaders or the leaders in charge of an entire healthcare organization can similarly resolve the conflict between a nurse and a patient (Levy & Ransdell, 2013).  

I am fascinated with your BSN program and believe I have the requisite qualification, experience, and ambition for the program (Levy & Ransdell, 2013). An opportunity for BS Nursing will, therefore, help me accomplish my lifetime goal of serving as a community nurse (Levy & Ransdell, 2013).

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