Obesity is Found to Gain Its Hold in Earliest Years

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The article entitled, “Obesity is Found to Gain Its Hold in Earliest Years” provides a startling look at how the weight of an adult is determined by the time he is five years old. A study of 7,000 overweight kindergartners showed that a third of them had become obese by the eighth grade (Kolata). Furthermore, those obese eighth graders remained that way into adulthood. Armed with this information, scientists and dieticians can design programs that target at risk groups beginning in the preschool years.

A child’s chances of becoming fat or obese decreases significantly if he can make it to kindergarten without being overweight (Kolata). Part of the child’s being overweight may be due to genetics, which is hard to overcome, but if dieticians can design meals and programs that feature fruits and vegetables, and if parents can limit television and screen time, children may be able to get their weight under control (Kolata).

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The article did not devote much attention to the exact causes of obesity other than to state that children of obese parents tend to also be obese, so genetics can be deemed to be a cause. Ot also alluded to limiting screen time and television time which would lead one to the conclusion that these are also factors in obesity. This article is very informative and accurate. I would have added a weight or BMI chart for comparison, and I would have appreciated more information on BMI and its relationship to weight control management.

  • Kolata, Gina. “Obesity Is Found to Gain Its Hold in Earliest Years.” New York Times 29 Jan. 2014: n. pag. Print.

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