One Hundred Years of Solitude Essay

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Magic realism is a technique employed in literature and attempts to combine imaginary and real to develop both a fantastical and believable story. Garcia Marquez utilizes this technique in ‘’One Hundred Years of Solitude” mainly to draw the attention of the reader. Magic realism is also used by the author to depict the Columbian culture which is the main influence of the culture of the individuals residing in the mystical Macondo village. In the novel, the author uses magical realism to depict the Canadian culture and also to allow the ready to question the absurdity of life.

The Colombian culture consists of many ancient traditions and also superstitions. Magic realism is used in the context of an exaggeration to create fantasy. Through this, the culture in question is given a mystical aura that depicts the actual Colombian culture. The author through magic realism expresses certain actions in the Colombia culture such as incest. ‘’For he had been born and had grown up with a cartilaginous tail in the shape of a corkscrew” (Marquez, 20). Here Marquez convinces the readers that incest could lead to a child with a pig’s tail something that is not ridiculous as it might sound.

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It is also imperative to note that the people living in Macondo have incorporated the supernatural and magical things as normal. ‘’This time, along with many artifices, they brought a flying carpet’’ (Marquez 31). Gypsies present the Macondo people with an unusual flying carpet they show much amusement but are not amazed. It is however imperative to note that the magical or supernatural characteristic of carpet immediately goes away once the author emphasizes its importance to the community. Through that, the author prevents the ready from concentrating on the absurdity of the event by incorporating it into the daily life problems.

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