Priorities and Evaluation in Law Enforcement

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After leaving high school and entering the real world, it becomes important to consider all of one’s responsibilities. One must ask how one plans to prioritize work, family, and college work. Though I believe it’s better to try to achieve balance rather than prioritizing, I recognize the importance of making sure one’s responsibilities are covered. First and foremost, I would make sure that my family understands that emotionally they come first and stress to them the importance of all of us working together. But in terms of practicality, work – the way in which I provide for my family – must come first. If I don’t work, I can’t provide for my family. I also can’t afford college if I don’t work, so this places college after work in priorities. I recognize that college can help me improve the quality of life for my family and me, so it’s definitely important. All of these things are important and interconnected.

The real world also means my employers are going to be evaluating me on my performance. As a manager I will be evaluating employees on their performances. As an employee undergoing evaluation, I can prepare by having all relevant document ready and available to my superiors. I can make myself available to my reviewer(s) in every reasonable way possible, either through face-to-face contact, email, or phone. I should bear in mind that they have a job to do and keep my emotions in check, behaving professionally and reasonably. As a manager, I can prepare my employees for evaluation by clearly communicating organizational expectations, explaining the process to them before they undergo it (maybe via a departmental memo/email), allowing them the opportunity to ask questions about the process itself before they undergo it, making sure all relevant forms (if appropriate) are readily available, and making it clear the process is necessary and how they ought to respond to the results of the evaluation. Evaluation helps the whole organization via quality-control.

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