Corporate Welfare or Public-Private Partnership?

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Does anyone truly enjoy paying taxes? The answer to that would be a resounding “no”, however, taxes do serve legitimate purposes. For example, New York State has some of the highest taxes in this nation, but the roadways, state park system and educational facilities are all near the top of the lists for best in their respective categories. Therefore, there is some merit to the significance of public – private partnerships. Their aim is to develop business and spur growth. The problem is when is enough, enough? Where is the line drawn? Because if a toe even crosses that boundary it is most certainly corporate welfare.

Why? Because the nation’s taxpayers should not have to foot the bill for the horrific wages fast food companies pay their workers, for the Fannie Mae bailout, saving Wall Street and the tax breaks to criminal companies like J.P. Morgan, which received a $4 million dollar allowance after costing U.S. citizens somewhere in the ball park of $13 million. The reason the gap between wealthy and poor is increasing as the middle class ceases to exist is exactly because of policies that are fashioned in such a manner. With all the cash businesses, CEO’s and the like receive, the nation could probably make some serious inroads one educating inner city youth, feed the hundreds of thousands of people who cannot find a job or have one that doesn’t pay enough to support their family or even improve the mess our health care system has become. American citizens are supposed to embrace big business, support it, nurture it so that it in turn supports us. Despite some of the good public – private partnerships do create, the damage to the pocketbooks of the country’s citizens must be taken into consideration. If the government wants to hand out welfare checks, shouldn’t they be doing it for the people that deserve it? Rather than make them endure more hardship? The answer to that is a deafeningly loud “yes.”

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