Reflection Essay: Teacher Survival Skills

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“Teacher Survival Skills” was an informative film and it gave me a lot of insight into how to enter the world of teaching.

One of the topics that were discussed within the video was the correct way to go about becoming a certified teacher. By watching the video I learned that there are many avenues that I would have to take to become certified. I now have a clearer understanding about how to become a certified teacher and know that it takes more than earning a teaching degree.
A subject discussed was how to become an effective teacher in the classroom through time management. Specifying allotted times in the classroom helps in a number of ways. Time management involves focusing the attention on the subject matter being taught and forgoing all other things that could keep the teacher off track from the end goal.

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Motivating students was also vital subject discussed. I learned that a teacher should have a one on one with the student if they are having trouble in the classroom. Having a one on one with the student rather than calling them out in front of their peers has more possibility of setting that particular student up for success, because it shows them that you care. It also saves the student any embarrassment, which could make the student become distant in the classroom.

One of the biggest topics talked about in the film was how not to discipline the student. Incorporating rules in the course should be done in a positive light rather than the negative. I also learned that one shouldn’t be too strict. Being too strict in the classroom can mess up the synergy that needs to happen to operate a potentially productive school year.

I also learned that establishing a positive relationship with parents is a must. A positive relationship can make disciplinary problems within the classroom become minimal. Also, having encouraging interactions with the students’ parents can strengthen a child’s professional relationship with their teacher, thus making it a good possibility for educational success in the classroom.

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