Reflection Paper: What Do You Think About Climate Change?

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Different parts of the world have different climates; some areas have hot climate and some have cold climate. Climate change is not a change in day-to-day or monthly weather. It is also not a change in the weather of one city or just one country. It is a change in climate that affects the climate all over the world. So, the weather in many countries are affected.
Currently, climate change is happening all over the world. Warm areas are getting colder, and cold areas are getting warmer. The weather across the world is changing. This points to the fact that climate change is real. The most important cause of climate change now is global warming. Global warming means that the temperature on the surface of the earth is rising, and is higher than it normally should be.

There are many scientific evidences to support climate change. The increase in temperature means that parts of the world that have snow all year round are now seeing that snow melting; for instance, at the top of mountains and in places like Greenland that has a lot of ice. The melting ice and snow is also filling up the seas, and so sea levels are rising across the world. Some of the presenters also provided information that supports my position. For instance, one of the presenters talked about how the burning of fuels like petroleum and gas has led to increased level of greenhouses gasses in the air. Greenhouse gases are gases like carbon dioxide and sulphurdioxide. These gases contribute global warming because they radiate heat back to the earth. This heat causes global warming and this is changing the climate across the world.

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I learned very much from other people’s presentations. For example, it was interesting to hear how the earth’s system is interlinked. The atmospheric system, the ocean, the land and vegetation, how they depend on each other and affect each other. So when the atmosphere is warmer, it affects the oceans and the vegetation. This causes a cycle of change. Some presenters did not think that climate change is real. They presented different reasons for their position. One speaker said that change is a natural process, and that any change happening now in the global climate is not man-made. The same speaker also said that even if the level of greenhouse gases is increasing, there is no way to be sure that it is due to man’s activity alone, or that it is responsible for any change in climate being experienced.

They argued that the changes in temperature being recorded are too small to cause a change in the weather system all over the world. Another presenter argued that climate change is a hoax and that the theory has political and economic motive. Some countries want to reduce the economic imbalance that is based on the use of energy resources. Another point made by this opposing group is that there is no scientific evidence that the effect of global warming will be seen in the next decade. They argue that instead of focusing on a concept that is mostly theory for now, it is better to work on things that can help the planet now like environmental conservation and sustainable forests.

Listening and observing the speakers, I learned the importance of having a planned presentation. The main points have to be supported with evidence. It is also important to present those facts simply, clearly and concentrate on important points only.

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