Same-Sex Marriage and County Clerk’s Office: Response

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If I were Fatima, I would reconcile my religious views with my personal beliefs very much the same way as she did in the beginning. I would try to focus on my job, and what I believed was ultimately right. To me, that would be to follow the law and give out the marriage certificates, even if I personally did not agree with it. In addition, I would try to focus on the fact that what I was doing was helping people be happy, even if I didn’t personally agree with the methods. I would feel that the issue is bigger than myself, and I would try to act accordingly.

In terms of taking actions against the employees, I would try to urge them to feel the same way. Ultimately, I would advise them to do as I did, and to do what they believed to be ultimately right, even if it meant leaving their jobs. I would also tell them that I might be forced to let them go if they refused to help the homosexual couples. I would do my best to explain to them our position between a rock and a hard place, and that it was their choice as to what they wanted to do; however, their choices would have consequences.

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I do think that its important to respect people’s religious beliefs as much as possible in the workplace, and that there is no easy line to draw. However, to me the important distinction to make is whether or not the actions involved are oppressive to one group of people. For example, denying the homosexual couples marriage adversely effects their lives, while Fatima and other people like her having to give those marriage certificates are not actually effected, except in a moralistic sense. Denying homosexual couples help with their marriage – or denying them a marriage at all – also prevents them from having financial aid, as well as other benefits of marriage. However, people in Fatima’s position are still able to enjoy their lives, without oppressive effects.

In fact, were I in Fatima’s position, I could probably understand the plight of the homosexual couples. Homosexual people are often denied jobs, financial benefits, housing, and can be cruelly treated. People who follow Islam experience the same kind of discrimination both inside and outside of the workplace. Fatima even mentions having to deal with her fair share of opposition, despite the fact that she is Caucasian. However, it should also be noted that her seeming support of homosexuality could have its consequences as well. For those that find homosexuality to be a sin, they could look at Fatima and her religious affiliation and make the erroneous and bigoted assumption that she is a terrorist.

As a result, Fatima is free to contact the newspaper to correct them on their reporting. While I personally may not agree with her views, it is ultimately up to her to choose, and it might be a greater farce for her to pretend to support a cause she did not believe in. After all, there is a big difference between doing one’s job and supporting a moral or social standing. Therefore, it would make sense to ask the newspaper to apologize for wrongly representing her. Writing a letter to the editor might also not be a bad idea, as she could better explain her position in her own words.

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