Shakespeare and Me

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Even though I’m young and haven’t had the chance to prove myself to everyone, I can connect to the quote from Shakespeare’s King Henry the Sixth, Part 1: “Small things make base men proud.” I am proud of my ability to stay organized and conquer my school work, and I’m proud of my accomplishments in sports.

Even though I know I can only get better at sports, and the stakes will only become higher the longer I stay in sports, my small accomplishments are not small to me. In this way, at my “base” station, at this point in my life where no one else is depending on me and expectations are low, I can set my own goals, and I can be proud when those goals are accomplished.

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This quote is especially impactful to me because it is represented and also transcended by the amazing accomplishments of my father. My father was somehow able to transcend expectations and become a successful doctor. The Shakespeare quote is “Small things make base men proud,” but my father was a supposed “base” man, and he accomplished things so fantastically beyond “small” that he defied the expectations of what a “base” man is capable of accomplishing.

I look up to my father greatly, and I know that I have more opportunities now than he did at my age, but I can be proud of his accomplishments, just as I can be proud of the small accomplishments that I reach every day. “Small things make base men proud” is not just a statement that all people cannot be expected to accomplish great things, it is also a dare claiming that the young, week, and low-status people are incapable of great things. My father proved that wrong, and I hope to one day accomplish things at the same level.

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