Summary For Introduction To Engineering

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Mary Hofle is a senior lecturer and an acting chair of the mechanical engineering program at Idaho State University (ISU). Moreover, she is not only a qualified but also a licensed professional engineer. She has researched immensely on manufacturing processes and in the field of energy analysis and conservation. The mission of the engineering department in ISU is to provide a variety of engineering courses from where students can choose, learn, comprehend and support them not only in their careers but also in the profession.

According to Mary, the Mechanical Engineering program at ISU has the capability of ensuring that students taking the course become all-round engineers in future. The department prepares students to work in various industries after their graduation. Some of the industries in which mechanical engineers from ISU can work include aerospace, defense, designs and energy organizations. Moreover, graduates from the program can work in R&D or use their degrees to join graduate programs.

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According to the acting the interim chair, the small Faculty to students’ ratio in the department plays a crucial role in ensuring that professors can aid and mentor students majoring in the program. Moreover, Mary boasts of adequate infrastructures including well-equipped laboratories in the college. The sporting and cultural events in the University are the major factors that contribute to the growth and success of the department. On top of that, ISU is ranked as one of the safest colleges in the entire country thus boosting its overall image.

Overall, the mere fact that the college is surrounded by foothills and is near to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons animals park enables ISU to embrace outdoor activities at any Particular time of the year. Through the program, students are can also prepare for the FE exams. Since the mechanical engineering program at ISU is accredited by ABET, Mary believes that the college is capable of becoming a high-level research institution.

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