Talking Oil and Gas with Kenny DuBose

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If you have ever read an article on issues related to America’s oil and gas mineral owners, then you have probably been introduced to the insightful comments of the petroleum engineer and registered investment advisor, Kenny Dubose. A contributor to the Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger’s, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Houston Business Journal, the Legal News and Financial Advisor magazine, he writes on topics of oil and gas investing, wealth management and personal finance.

Dubose’s passion is educating and protecting the rights of oil and gas royalty check recipients. According to Dubose in places in the U.S. where there is a prominent oil industry, it’s not uncommon for oil or natural gas drilling proposals to end up on the desk of non-industry laymen. Providing industry advice to non-industry laymen and professionals alike, Dubose continues to be an invaluable resource among those in the oil and gas industry. For over two decades, he has encouraged entry into his beloved industry, recognizing that direct participation can be lucrative, but encouraging his clients to exercise caution when entering the world of drilling oil and gas wells. “Make no mistake about it; drilling oil and natural gas wells is an extremely risky proposition – not for the faint of heart, oil men go to Vegas to calm their nerves”, he warns.

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He always encourages his clients to examine both sides of the coin when weighing an investment in oil, telling them tells that if they have the ample capital to allocate to riskier ventures then an investment in oil may be a good fit. According to Dubose, “ there is no doubt that the U.S. provides opportunity for the layman to transform himself into an “oilman”, but he also warns potential clients of the numerous risks; ”there are risks aplenty, but if you’ve got the stomach and the cash to play, you too might join in a few verses of “Ole Jed’s a Millionaire”.

Dubose is a Registered Investment Advisor with Sweetwater Financial Advisors of Houston, Texas, a limited liability company that provides personalized wealth management and financial planning services to individuals and their families. He oversees client development in addition to evaluating private placement opportunities for the firm’s clients. He is also president of the Mineral Web company which provides strategic consulting and educational services to America’s mineral owners.

Kenny has been in the oil and gas production industry for over 25 years. While attending college at Mississippi State University, he made the decision to pursue an undergraduate degree in Petroleum Engineering. After graduating, he began his career as a reservoir engineer with ARCO Oil & Gas Company. In 1987, he decided that he was ready to start his own company and so he became the founder and President of U.S. Minerals. He was president of Cheyenne Minerals, independent oil and gas Production Company based in Houston Texas and has served on several industry steering committees, non-profit boards. He is an active member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, chairman of the board for Hope for Youth, a Christ centered ministry to Houston’s at-risk youth and a volunteer counselor with CareNet crisis pregnancy center.

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