The Cyber Security Concerns

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Cyber security is one of the biggest concerns in the technological advancement of the world. Technological devices are used to store various types of information. These appliances have been used as the data banks for various people and organizations to manage and transmit their data and information. Most financial institutions use these devices and networks to transmit and receive payments for their transaction. Therefore, cyber security is an issue that is very sensitive because it affects the integrity of the information systems.

In the article ‘Russian hackers Used Bug in Microsoft Windows for Spying, Report Says,’ Mark Scott outlines that the Hacker from Russia used the operating system’s bug to acquire access to sensitive information related to the administrative of various activities in the western states and the government of Ukraine. The Russian Hackers have also used the same strategy in acquiring information from the databases of the European telecommunications and energy companies (Scott, 2014). By the use of the information, Russia can develop intelligent strategies in order to outwit the Ukrainians and the western countries especially United States of America in their conflicts. Scott indicates that the iSight report outlines that the exposure affects many versions of the Windows operating system. However, it is only Russia that takes advantage of the bug to gain the illegitimate access to other systems (Scott, 2014).

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In my opinion, these illegal accesses by the hackers are very detrimental to the integrity of the information systems. The governments, business agencies and corporations apply the information systems in order to have a safe custody and backups for various types of information. The systems also assist the security agencies to share intelligence information with the relevant organizational that may be remotely located. The compromise that is created on these information systems by the hackers negates the confidentiality of the information and thus leading to a reduced confidentiality level in these systems. Consequently, restoration of the required level of confidence in the security of various technological platforms requires an integration of sophisticated technological advancements that should be subjected to constant review.

  • Scott, M. (2014). Russian Hackers Used Bug in Microsoft Windows for Spying, Report Says. The New York Times. Retrieved from http://www.nytimes.com/2014/10/15/business/international/russian-hackers-used-bug-in-microsoft-windows-for-spying-report-says.html?_r=0

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