The Hate U Give Essay

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The novel is authored by Angie Thomas mainly targeting the youth who happened to be the victims of police brutality in the U.S. The struggle between the African-Americans and the authority that was keen on suppressing them was one rife with open discrimination and extrajudicial killings. The paper will analyze the detailed struggles of the people of color in their quest to establish a just society that treats everyone the same way irrespective of one’s race in the novel The Hate U Give.

Starr finds herself in a fix in the court where she is supposed to testify before a jury against a cop who killed her friend Khalil. She understands very well that she is expected to speak the truth, but at the same time she needs to exercise caution as her family might be targeted afterward. As a result, she testifies before the court against the cop to honor her late friend’s memory.

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Notably, while at the private school, Starr indicates that she was cool despite being the only black kid at the school which is untrue as she is not cool. Ideally, her response was uttered merely to match the expectation of the people around her but never reflected what she felt. Indeed, studying in that environment demanded that she only speaks positively about the school to survive. It is, therefore, evident that Starr felt out of place being the only black kid in the private school which exerted a lot of pressure on her.

Equally important to mention is the fact that Starr fits herself in her environment in compliance to the perceptions in her community, neighborhood and also herself. Moreover, Starr is under pressure to speak out what the African-American community wants to know about the shooting of Khalil. As a result, she makes it clear that Khalil was killed in cold blood murder and dismisses the narrative that her friend was a drug dealer who attacked a cop and was shot and killed in the ensuing scuffle.

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