The Manifestation of Racism Towards the LGBT Community of African Americans

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Racism is known to be serious trouble in the LGBT community of the USA. Its influence is increasing with time and the inability to stop the tendency causes direct dependence with the inequalities in the social, professional, economic and entertainment spheres. According to Owen (2016), an astonishing 80% of black men, 79% of Asian men and 75% of South Asian men have experienced racism on the gay scene. It means that people of non-white appearance have fewer rights and freedoms in the LGBT community too, and it is not taking into account the classical inequality between straight and gay societies. The problem is mostly focused on the old-fashioned perception of peoples’ lives by the white culture. This trend impacts the lifestyles of African Americans who belong to the LGBT group and who try to survive in the world of conservative living standards. The purpose of the research is to interpret the threats which can be faced by the gay African American people of both male and female genders in order to determine their possibility to overcome all the difficulties based on their preferences in partners.

The representation of the racist characteristics which are presented in the lives of the LGBT community is the consequence of the political, economic and social rejection of the human rights which should be stopped. This tendency is the continuation of the mass persecutions of the black people which happened in the USA in the previous centuries. In the case of the LGBT community, the percent of affected people is at least twice higher because the violation of the rights of gay people here is doubled by the violation of the rights of African Americans. Working together these two circles of misunderstanding between people of various views and appearances are transformed into psychological pressure.

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The LGBT community of African Americans meets problems with economic insecurity and police violence which turn out to be the most significant manifestations of aggressive behavior towards the gay people in the USA. The movie “Moonlight” directed by Barry Jenkins accurately shows an example of the situation when white boys beat a black teenager and have no punishment for it, but when the person tries to fight back and attacks his bullies first, he is sent to the police department. The problem with Chiron Harris, the film’s protagonist is chased by the detractors and gets into the rough beating by them because they cannot perceive his difference in sexual orientation. Boys call him a “faggot” and retranslate their hatred of white privilege social group on the innocent black boy. At the same time, Kiesling (2017) mentions that rejection by the outside world causes struggles around the notion of identity among African Americans who belong to the LGBT society. These cases happen in the USA on a constant basis and can be characterized as the serious problem of communication among the young and old generations. The cases of severe injuries because of the LGBT racism and attacks based on this external conflict should become less explicit and their control should be organized in the context of legal liabilities.

All in all, the problem of the rejection of the LGBT community consisting of African American representatives can be stopped in the 21st century with the help of decisive actions and insuperable measures. This research helps to change the perception of the gay identity of black people to the positive side and to develop the modernized communicational activity with them based on equality, politeness, and kindness. People in the modern world should be judged by their deeds and not by their sexual orientation or skin color.

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