Three Careers

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Introduction Section

A career of my selection must have three themes. These are social, enterprising and artistic themes. These themes define my personality. Careers that are in line with these themes, therefore, are more appropriate for me. My top five careers are: customer service representative, elementary school teacher, psychologist, military enlisted and community service director. The five, I believe, ensure I achieve my purpose and ensure I meet my objectives in life. I did proper research on the five so as to understand them well and know how to attain them.

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Criteria Identification
My five most important values are community service, provision of proper leadership, teamwork, culture enhancement and self-expression. Through my research I discovered that my interests vary across the three themes. The social theme rose because am more interested in careers that relate to people, teamwork and community service. The enterprising theme came to picture due to my interest in business and politics. Am also innovative thus this gives me a platform for entrepreneurship. I love expressing myself and my appreciation for art, culture and communication brought out the artistic theme.

Summary of information
Customer Service Agent
Title of Occupation: Customer Service Representative

Personal Characteristics: Customer service representatives are tasked with the responsibility of handling customer complaints. They should also process orders and provide information about the organization’s products and services.

Work Environment: Most of them work in telephone call centers. They also work in banks, retail stores and credit and insurance agencies. But these days they are employed in almost every industry as organizations need them to handle any potential complaints that might come up in the course of business. About 1 in every 15 work part time.

Type of training: Customer Service Representatives basically need a high school diploma. Most of them are taught on the job and should have people skills where they communicate effectively with people. They also need basic computer skills as their job involves a lot of computer usage.

Type of degree required: None is required but having one gives one a competitive advantage. A diploma in a business course though is a key requirement.

Entry level jobs and internships: Customer service trainee.
Related careers: Teaching or even careers with similar pay.

Analysis of information and decision making: The job detail requirement clearly identifies with my personality. The constant interaction with the people and having the ability to solve their problems further influences my decision and challenges me to want to become a customer service representative. The education requirements are attainable and I am able to achieve them.

Title of Occupation: Elementary School Teacher

Personal Characteristics: Elementary school teachers essentially prepare younger pupils for future learning by teaching them basic subjects like math and English.

Work Environment: They work in private and public schools. They teach in classrooms and basically work during school times when children are in school. During weekends and in the night they grade papers and prepare the course material. During summer most of them don’t teach since the children are on holiday.

Type of training: You must possess a bachelor’s degree. Teachers who work in government schools must have a state-issued license in order to be allowed to teach.

Type of degree required: Bachelor of Education
Entry level jobs and internships: One starts of as a trainee teacher then after properly being assessed then they are employed to teach and even given a license to do so.
Related careers: School administrator, Director of Education

Analysis of information and decision making: I have a passion for teaching. Being a teacher provide me with an avenue where I interact with people and ensure children become better people in society. The education requirements are quite attainable and can be achieved.

3. Psychologist
Title of Occupation: Clinical Psychologist
Personal Characteristics: They study perceptive, emotional and social practices and human conduct by observing, recording and interpreting how people relate to one another and their environments. They offer advice and even employ medical procedures to treat any abnormality.

Work Environment: Work as part of a healthcare team mostly located in hospitals. They cooperate with physicians and social workers. In school settings, they work with students, parents, teachers and other educators.

Type of training: Psychologists normally need a doctoral degree or even a specialist degree in psychology. A master’s degree is usually sufficient enough for this position. Practicing psychologists in health centers also need a certification or license from the state.

Type of degree required: Masters in Psychology or Bachelors in Psychology
Entry level jobs and internships: Psychologist trainee

Related careers: Doctor, Nurse Assistant
Analysis of information and decision making: This position is very relevant to my personality. The idea of being able to study the way people think and explain how they behave is particularly intriguing. It relates well to me since it provides me with an avenue to help society and interact with them. The education requirements are demanding though and might take time to achieve.

Analysis of Information and Decision Making
After gathering the information above I sort out to choose on career path that I would focus on. My decision was motivated by the amount of time I’ll take while pursuing that career and also how self-gratified I’ll feel as I perform my duties. The strength of this reasoning is that I focus on my personality and make decisions that will motivate me into serving society better. The weakness here is I lock out myself from other careers which am capable of doing but since they are not people related then they don’t interest me. I desire to be a psychologist but this takes time due to the rigorous education requirements. So I might start with being an elementary teacher after receiving my first degree. When working I’ll pursue my second degree in psychology. This will enable me to eventually be a psychologist who deals with students and education matters. This is my ultimate goal.

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