What a Feminist Looks Like

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The video discusses what a feminist looks likes like and who a feminist is. I agree with the person who said that being a feminist is a state of mind. I also found it interesting that men were depicted as feminists, wearing the t-shirts that said “this is what a feminist looks like.” A male who supports female rights and causes can be a feminist, however, this is something that I believe most people fail to consider until it is pointed out to them.

I found the most poignant statement in the short film to be the statement that acknowledging yourself as a feminist is showing gratitude for those who have fought for your rights. I agree that openly stating that you embrace feminist causes does show gratitude to those who fought and sacrificed so that women can have equal rights today. Therefore, while enjoying these rights that feminists have fought for, it is important not to shy away for the term feminist as many women do, believing that it connotes a brutish looking female who may be homosexual.

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The article states, “Feminism has fizzled, its promise only half-fulfilled. This is the revelation of the moment, hashed and rehashed on blogs and talk shows, a cause of grief for some, fury for others. American women are better educated than they’ve ever been, better educated now than men, but they get distracted during their prime earning years by the urge to procreate” (Miller, 2013). I agree, that hard core feminism was bound to fade with the advent of equal rights and women would search for a middle ground which includes rights and being feminine.

On September 20, 2014, Emma Watson gave a speech about what a feminist looks like. “As a Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women, Watson gave a speech at the launch of the UN’s new HeForShe campaign on September 20, and it was a masterpiece of elegant logic. Feminism has nothing to do with man-hating and everything to do with equal rights, justice, fairness” (Kimmel, 2014). I agree that this is what a feminist looks like today.

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