Why Culture is Important

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Culture is important for many reasons. I think that there are also two ways that culture is important: to the individual and to the society. Individually, culture is important because it ties you to your history and roots. Culture is what a child looks to his parents for a model. Culture is inherited through traditions, and these traditions are what unite communities together. This is how culture becomes important to the society. The bigger group of individuals who share a culture are a community. The community functions based on the culture of the people. Things like religions and beliefs are a part of culture.

The part of culture that falls under religions and beliefs will also be what makes people have fears and feelings that are in line with their beliefs. In some cultures, they have fears that other cultures find silly—but this is based on that culture’s belief system which other cultures do not understand. Cultures unite people based on their beliefs and separate people based on their beliefs. A culture is important because the sense of belonging that the individual has is what makes the individual feel secure and as though there are others who care about them.

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In our modern world today, culture is important because of the amount of diversity that exists. In order to keep our ties with our individual histories and our individual cultures, it is important for people to stay connected to their culture. The ways that the world has blended together actually is a threat to individual cultures, because multiculturalism tries to blend cultures and remove boundaries between cultures. But these boundaries are where culture helps the individual understand his own traditions and his own history. And these are the same boundaries that can help us understand other individuals and other cultures. The differences between cultures can be helpful in letting us know how it is that people from other cultures believe things that our own culture does not.

Culture is important because the differences that each culture has should be valued. Because each culture is unique, it brings to the table a set of beliefs and values that other cultures do not. It is a good thing to study all cultures to better understand your own culture. Also, studying other cultures helps us understand where other people are coming from. Culture can be something that separates or unites people. It seems like the idea of separation because of culture is a bad thing because the world is aiming for cultural equality, but really, culture is a form of identity.

Culture is also important because it belongs to a long tradition. The tradition of the past can only be continued if people in the present understand the traditions, and continue the traditions. Once these traditions are no longer practiced, the link to historical culture starts to break down. In order to make sure that the link to tradition stays strong, the traditions have to be practiced. Culture must be practiced or it will be lost.

Therefore, culture is what defines a person because of their connection to whatever traditions are in their history. Culture explains why it is that some people have certain beliefs that other people do not understand. Culture is what unifies and separates us from each other. It is important to [reserve tradition and cultural routines because these are rooted in history and can be lost if the culture is no longer practiced. It is important to honor many cultures by understanding them, but it is also important not to ignore cultural differences because differences help bring identity to different people.

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