500 Word Essay on Respect

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Respect is a positive sensation of reverence for an entity or a person. Respect denotes the regard as well as consideration that are exhibited by an individual towards other people. Multiple philosophical works attempt to define ‘respect’ (Freedman, 2010). Immanuel Kant did a considerable work in defining respect since he stated that everyone requires respect because everyone is an end to himself (Giselsson, 2012). It is intricate to demarcate the outline as well as the definition of respect. However, it is a feeling, which can be felt and understood mutually (Bolin, 2010). Respect is an asset, which is earned and cannot be demanded by anyone who thinks he or she should be given respect. Right from childhood, children are taught to have respect for their elders, parents, teachers as well as a long list of social requirements. However, ambiguity comes about when teachings are not at par with practical experiences. In some cases, children find it hard to have respect people (Bolin, 2010).

Respect is all about what we admire in people and the world in general. Mostly, people admire things that they would like to acquire (Bolin, 2010). For instance, when one wants to be beautiful she will have respect for beauty. If you have respect for men, you will handle them with love and kindness. Respect is anything that can give what you want (Giselsson, 2012). For instance, when one respects money you will have it, but when one does not respect it, it will be hard to come your way (Freedman, 2010). Additionally, when one respects beauty it will come your way, but when you do not respect it, you will not have it. Consequently, respect is a hint to what anyone wants in life (Freedman, 2010).

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Respect cannot be earned by flaunting power or by suppression. Respect is a deliberate action, which cannot be imposed upon anyone whether young or old (Bolin, 2010). Respect is behavioral element since one can inadvertently judge other people basing on behavior and qualities exhibited. Respect is an expression of accepting a set of traits or particular trait exhibited by the person. Respect for someone is something that comes naturally (Freedman, 2010).

Respect is appreciation of value or worth of something. Respect is the most important thing in the present society. Respect plays an instrumental role our daily lives. Respect comes about in various forms. Respect can be anything, for instance, simple smile in passing or a great form of recognition such as getting an award (Giselsson, 2012). To many people respect is not considered a necessity, but no one can be comfortable without respect. Respect is considered a street that has two ways because one has to give respect before he can be respected (Bolin, 2010). Not only is respect about what you act, but also what you say (Freedman, 2010). Respect is earned by showing people how you consider their feelings and thoughts. Respect can be earned by showing respect to others; therefore, they will reciprocate the show of respect (Giselsson, 2012).

Respect is a fundamental human need and everyone craves for it and we should give respect. Respect can be earned easily, or it can also take years for one to earn it (Bolin, 2010). Respect can be earned easily lost than be earned. Respect can be considered an instant word or one action can lose his respect (Giselsson, 2012).

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