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My parents are strong believers in international exposure because they believe it opens up our minds and expands our thinking horizons. Thus, it was only a matter of time before I follow in the footsteps of my elder brothers both of whom have been studying in Australia. But a scholarship from Face the World (FTW) program which funded a year of study at Abilene High School (Abilene) in Abilene, TX changed my life and also helped me discover my true interests and potential.

In Thailand, I went to a Catholic High School and lived in the dorms. The high school life in Thailand is mostly dictated by rules but it was even stricter at my high school where I had no choice but to only take courses required by the school curriculum. Thus, it is not surprising that my experiences at Abilene changed my perspectives on what an education should be like and increased my self-confidence as I discovered my interests and strengths. At Abilene, I took classes I always wanted to explore such as Art and soon discovered I enjoy drawing and exploring creative ideas while using software such as Adobe Photoshop. The experiences also motivated me to conduct personal research as well as talk to other people to determine which career option may be the best fit to my interests and strengths. It didn’t take long for me to decide that my future lies in the advertising industry.

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As I recall the state of advertising during my childhood, I can’t help but marvel at the huge progress the advertising profession has made over the last decade. Not only technological progresses have changed the way ads are being made now but the way companies interact with consumers have also changed. Traditional advertising mediums such as TV and print media have also been losing ground to the internet because internet doesn’t only enable two-way communication between the companies and the targeted audience but also helps the companies target customer segments more efficiently. In addition, companies can also collect valuable data about customers as well as measure the impact of their advertising activities.

I believe advertising will continue to become more and more personal in nature and innovation will become a norm rather than exception. This is why I am excited to pursue a career in advertising because I enjoy the creativity process and want to have a profession where I am continuously reinventing myself. The companies have been realizing the importance of marketing activities in making themselves unique in the marketplace and be noticed by the consumers despite intense competition. Being from Thailand and having a strong knowledge of Asian cultures will also provide me with unique edge because I am familiar with both eastern and western cultures and consumer lifestyles.

I believe choosing the right university is as important as choosing the major because the quality of instructors and the fellow students also influence to a great degree the quality of learning one gains. The University of San Francisco has a strong tradition and long history of producing industry leaders and pioneers in the advertising sector and the university’s location also provides it with an edge. I have no doubt I will also follow in the footsteps of the university’s distinguished alumni who continue to redefine the advertising profession and will be an exemplary ambassador of the university in the real world.

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