American Cancer Society

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A full history of the American Cancer Society has never been published. As a consequence little is known of the extensive support rendered by the Society to the promotion of applied and fundamental cancer research from its inception.

Organizational Beginnings
The development of the national voluntary cancer movement was first referred to or named The American Society for the Control of Cancer. From the beginning it had a direct bearing on the growth of cancer research. Specifically plans for a society, “to disseminate knowledge concerning the symptoms, treatment and prevention of cancer, to investigate conditions under which cancer is found, and to compile statistics in regard thereto,” were formulated by a committee of physicians and laymen in New York City, on May 22, 1913. (Anonymous, 1937) The primary purpose to begin with was to combine professionals and laymen in the creation of education materials that would accommodate the average citizen, as misconceptions and fear were rampant concerning the condition of cancer. Not many years later the organization was instrumental in obtaining funds for the purpose of researching the statistics surrounding the ever increasing number of deaths from cancer.

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Organization’s Mission
The American Society for the Control of Cancer and The American Cancer Society, have always had as its mission the obtaining of funds and volunteers, for the sake of educating the public with accurate notions about cancer, in all its facets; for the sake of supporting research to obtain a better understanding of the epidemiology of cancer as well as efficacious therapies and cures for cancer; and, to influence the law makers and all other applicable parties to accomplish what was necessary to eliminate as many deaths from cancer as possible, be it proactive or reactive. (Triolo, 1969)

Organization’s Funding Sources
The funds for this organization come from a combination of federal grants and donations and fund raisers.

Education of and Number of Employees/Volunteers in Organization
This organization is a not-for-profit organization and is staffed by professionals and some 3 million volunteers at 900 local offices across the country.
The education of the professionals that staff this organization as well as volunteers is accomplished by an internal coaching program that is operated totally internally. (Anonymous, 2002)

Organization’s Programs and Services
To begin with the American Cancer Society is the largest source of private cancer research funds in the United States. In addition the organization supports detection, treatment and education programs. Further, they encourage prevention efforts with programs such as the Great American Smokeout and the International Relay for Life. Patient services include moral support, transportation to and from treatment, and camps for children who have cancer.

Organization’s Response to Community Health Needs
In everything that this organization does, it is in some way responding the health needs of the community. First it helps educate about, prevent, detect, fund education of the smartest and research of the brightest to find everything that can be learned about all aspects of cancer, to eliminate it completely someday.

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