American Water (Security Metrics, Budgets and ROI)

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The security breach is a threat that calls for companies to be more attentive in protecting their sensitive data. The America Water Corporation, whose objective in the water industry is to avail Americans with water on daily basis for domestic consumption, also faces security risks.. For instance, the organization was recently attacked by the Welchia. This sort of worm was believed to affect computers with the aim of eliminating prior worms and then updates its defenses. But on the contrary, it is a virus that crashes computers by jamming the networks hence disabling it.

But with advanced and competent security programs, the impact of such security risks can be reduced if not at all eliminated. For America Water, the Welchia started by affecting about 19 computers and within 60 seconds they had begun fixing them, thanks to its security metrics. Less than 100 computers were infected and amended within a span of 14 days. The case would have been different if no security program was in place. Moreover, the labor force that was required during the attack is nothing compared to the time, cost and labor the same attack would have cost a company without any security metrics plan.

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A defense that can be used to mitigate security risk is the Value Protection metric. It shows that having security is not a drain on a corporation. Security information management (SIM) has been improvised and not only to look or network traffic inconsistency. They can now be used as compliance tools in tracking down network operations. This has henceforth lowered security cost since with proper logging compliance fines have been minimized.

Other possible risks the America Water is probable to face in a near future might be conflict in approving which security is most suitable for the organization. Despite having deployed the value protection metric, it is likely that at some point when new security risks emerge its efficiency might seem defective.

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